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Gnats From Hell

This morning, I came into work already half asleep and ready to call it a day. The non-stop rain still hadn't slowed down and it was a cloudy mess out there on Jamaica Avenue.  The day was destined to be a shitty one.  As I approached the office, I thought to myself, "Is today finally the day?" I was promised a promotion over the summer that I should have started a month ago, and here it is nearly mid-September and I'm still exactly where I was then:  A Bachelor's level employee doing Master's Level work and getting paid at an Associate's level. Well, not only was today NOT the day... I came to an office full of gnats literally floating around.  We've had this problem now for a few months, however, nothing has been done about it. Initially, these gnats were spotted by the "big boss lady" in a little body.  Same moody woman who promised me the promotion but has been delaying it at all costs and has hinted I may not even start my new po