Gnats From Hell

This morning, I came into work already half asleep and ready to call it a day.
The non-stop rain still hadn't slowed down and it was a cloudy mess out there on Jamaica Avenue. 
The day was destined to be a shitty one. 

As I approached the office, I thought to myself, "Is today finally the day?"
I was promised a promotion over the summer that I should have started a month ago, and here it is nearly mid-September and I'm still exactly where I was then:  A Bachelor's level employee doing Master's Level work and getting paid at an Associate's level.

Well, not only was today NOT the day... I came to an office full of gnats literally floating around.  We've had this problem now for a few months, however, nothing has been done about it.
Initially, these gnats were spotted by the "big boss lady" in a little body.  Same moody woman who promised me the promotion but has been delaying it at all costs and has hinted I may not even start my new position until November. But that's another story for another blog.

Where was I? Oh yes...

The gnats were first discovered by boss lady.  She found some flying around a plant she had in her office.  With all the plants in her office (which is right behind my cubicle), she's got a sort of make shift forest in there.  Needless to say, bugs are inevitable.

As the weeks went by, rather than do anything about these little annoying bugs in her office, she just bitched about it day in, day out.  One day, she decided she'd put the plant right outside her door which is within a couple of feet of my desk.  Even a fellow supervisor friend of hers said, "So you took the plant out so the bugs could annoy, Tracy?"  While this was annoying, the bugs weren't as bad and hadn't attacked just yet. 
She promptly put the plant back in her office hours later.

As time continued on, the office floor started to accumulate gnats.  They seemed to be harboring all over the place.  Small populations growing in the break room, the conference room, all the individual offices... until we couldn't escape them.

Nearly 3 months later, the genius boss lady decided that she needed to ask the maintenance men for help in doing something about the gnat infestation.  What kills me is what really made her decide to do this.  She was holding supervision in her office for one of my fellow co-workers when the young lady was promptly attacked by these things that were literally ALL over the boss lady's plants.  Crawling, flying, floating.... I think she was finally embarrassed and the fact that someone discovered that SHE was the cause of this disturbing gnat phenomenon was what made her take action.

The genius (*cough*retard*cough*) boss lady decides to put all of her plants outside of her office and into MY office space (which is really a make shift cubicle) so that the gnats were now all over ME and MY desk. Mind you, I was supposed to be moved to an office far from hers by now....

As my annoyance escalated, I finally decided to do something about it myself.

While (retard) Boss lady and fellow comrade, Boss Lady, Jr., stepped out to grab lunch, I promptly headed to a co-worker's office, grabbed the Lysol disinfectant spray (that couldn't possibly be good for a plant) and sprayed the plants until I couldn't spray any more.  I handed the spray back to co-worker and headed out for a walk to inhale some fresh air and ran from the scene of the crime.

It's probably needless to say that when I returned, the plants had disappeared along with the gnats and the Boss lady, who initially was nowhere to be found, returned from whatever cave she'd been hiding in and hasn't said a word to me since, slamming doors behind her everywhere she's gone.

While this day hasn't been fabulous, I sure as hell got a little satisfaction out of that!


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