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Single Ladies Beware

10 Reasons YouShouldKnow You Are Dating a Loser/Asshole/Freak/Psycho

1. The guy doesn't have a job.

If you're reading this, it's likely you're an adult. And if you're an adult, paying bills, and living your life... then you should have a job.  Otherwise, you're living off of the government and while "shit happens", that "shit" shouldn't be happening for more than 6 months... get my drift?

2. Poor hygiene (i.e. bad breath...stinky pits..etc.)
Really, you should be old enough to know that being dirty is gross.  If you weren't taught how to take care of yourself, then you should really have taught yourself by now. If you're a man in your late 20's or early 30's, you should have been embarrassed enough by now to know better.  Or has no one told you how badly you smell? Or how grimey your teeth look? Or how greasy and stringy your hair seems...?

3. He thinks other guys are "cute"
At this point of your life and in this d…

The Train Olympics

I travel two hours to and from work, five days out of the week.
Yes, you read that correctly. 
That's four hours of commuting time each day.
I encounter all sorts of people and situations during these two hours of subtle hell.
One situation I seem to encounter on a daily basis is something I like to call the Train Olympics.

The Train Olympics consists of many different challenges while riding the subway.

First, there is the Subway Race

 This is where you must run up or down the stairs as you try to capture that train that just starts to pull into the station just as you're swiping your metrocard.  If you manage to make it to the train right before the doors literally close in your face, without losing an arm or leg, and without breaking your neck while running up or down the stairs, then you've won the battle and can now move on to the next round...

Dual of the Seat...

During the mornings, I'm very lucky in that I always find a seat in the first train I take into work…