Single Ladies Beware

10 Reasons You Should  Know You Are Dating a Loser/Asshole/Freak/Psycho

1. The guy doesn't have a job. 

If you're reading this, it's likely you're an adult. And if you're an adult, paying bills, and living your life... then you should have a job.  Otherwise, you're living off of the government and while "shit happens", that "shit" shouldn't be happening for more than 6 months... get my drift?

2. Poor hygiene (i.e. bad breath...stinky pits..etc.)

Really, you should be old enough to know that being dirty is gross.  If you weren't taught how to take care of yourself, then you should really have taught yourself by now. If you're a man in your late 20's or early 30's, you should have been embarrassed enough by now to know better.  Or has no one told you how badly you smell? Or how grimey your teeth look? Or how greasy and stringy your hair seems...?

3. He thinks other guys are "cute"

At this point of your life and in this day in age (2011), you should be well past the "experimental" period.  You should be able to define who and what you like. And if you feel that you don't believe in labels (which is okay), you should at least make that clear to the person you're dating and allow them to make their own decisions as to whether they want to carry on with you or not.

4. He dances like an 80 yr old man

Unless you don't like to dance, you shouldn't be subjected to a man who can't even bothered to do more than shuffle his feet. I mean, really, if he's lazy on the dance floor, imagine how lazy he is in the bedroom.

5. He doesn't tip at least 15% 

The only time it is ever acceptable to tip less than 15% is if the service is horrible.  The wait staff gets paid in tips.  Their salary is awful. They aim to please.  If they've been attentive, then why not give them those $6 for your $40 meal? 

6. Thinks him french kissing other guys is no big deal

Please see #3

7. Tells you that he has fallen in love with you after only a few weeks...scary

Listen, I know every one of you out there wants to believe in love at first sight, but let's be realistic.  It's more like, LUST at first sight.  While you can feel strongly for a person shortly into a relationship, you can't really love someone unless you really know them.  To know someone takes time.  Not a quick wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am....

8. Sounds like a girl when he climaxes

Okay, so maybe we're being a little... picky at this point.  But no woman wants to hear a man squealing like a pig when he's having an orgasm.  Keep that to a minimum, gentlemen, if you don't want to scare us away! Thanks.

9. Makes you feel undeserving

Your partner should make you feel like they're giving you the world because they want you to have it.  No one should ever be made to feel like they have to earn rewards from their partners.  Love is free.

10. Manipulates and uses you.

This guy is now flat out acting like an ass... he can never be wrong... and he finds every which way to twist every disagreement in a way that it's started off his fault and ended up your fault regardless of the circumstances.  Ladies, we're not always right, but when you see yourself apologizing for HIS lying, cheating and abusive ways... there's a problem.

***Quick note***
The 10 reasons was an idea my college roommate came up with 5 years ago.  I just tweaked it a little bit with explanation but she deserves ALL the credit for this ;)

"If the guy you are currently dating has any or all of these now...far, far away, don't look're a million times better off without him. Good Luck Ladies and God Bless!" ~ L.M.W.


  1. First of all I do think it is possible to have a loser, asshole, freak and psycho all rolled into one!...Scary! These 10 reasons are on point and #4 and 5 hit hard! Lol I need a dancer and don’t need or like the cheap boo! And if he tells you that he loves you after a few dates then he belongs in the psycho category!

  2. Annnddd thank you for the comment dear :)

  3. so glad im married and dont have to deal with this shit anymore! lol

  4. Heather likes pussy, so this post doesn't pertain to her, married or not. <3

    I'm so thankful my husband does not have any of these quatilies... but dont let the dancing fool you.. I had a one night poke with a guy who was an excelent dancer... poker? not so much.. it was just that... some poking. If only facebook was around back then, I could have poked him back.

    Love love love number 8.. Now I'm far from a whore, but I have boinked my number of men.. none of them have squeeled like a woman.. Thank god, because I dont know what I would have done with myself. I would have been cracking up.


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