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Ms. Vixen's Death

After a long, tiring evening working the ave... Ms. Vixen was standing by the train tracks waiting on her ride home... She'd been quietly reminiscing about the evening before with the usual sly and sneaky smirk on her masculine face. As she wiped the sweat off of her hairless brow, she'd felt a shove.  Quite to her dismay she'd been standing so close to the tracks she fell in just when the train was coming.... The conductor, shocked at the scene, tried his best to stop the train, but it was too late.... As the train slowed over her body, tearing at her limbs.... the crowd gathered in hysterics. It wasn't too long before the EMT workers arrived with a stretcher. Ever so carefully, they managed to hold her body together, still in one piece, placing it on the stretcher but unfortunately, the body was very slippery as it oozed blood... and as they pulled the stretcher away from the tracks, Ms. Vixen fell right back in... Sadly, the conductor was advised to go as th


A couple of years ago, during brunch with a male friend, I was eating some really sloppy meal and as careful as I was, I could swear I dropped a bit of sauce on my shirt. My friend was intent on finishing his meal and I didn't think he even noticed. Well, it turns out I hadn't dropped anything and my eyes were playing tricks on me. Not long after finishing off our meal and heading towards the train, my friend turns to me with a leering smile and says, "I think it was really hot how you were staring at your boobs earlier." O_o Rather than try to justify my actions, I stood puzzled and somewhat shocked.  I gave him a quick peck on the cheek goodbye and went on my stunned way. When I reached my apartment, I immediately brought this up to my roommate who was reading some book on human sexuality for healthy being. She gave me a puzzled look of her own and snorted. She then shook her head and said, "I don't understand what the fascination is with boobs a