A couple of years ago, during brunch with a male friend, I was eating some really sloppy meal and as careful as I was, I could swear I dropped a bit of sauce on my shirt. My friend was intent on finishing his meal and I didn't think he even noticed. Well, it turns out I hadn't dropped anything and my eyes were playing tricks on me. Not long after finishing off our meal and heading towards the train, my friend turns to me with a leering smile and says, "I think it was really hot how you were staring at your boobs earlier."


Rather than try to justify my actions, I stood puzzled and somewhat shocked.  I gave him a quick peck on the cheek goodbye and went on my stunned way.

When I reached my apartment, I immediately brought this up to my roommate who was reading some book on human sexuality for healthy being. She gave me a puzzled look of her own and snorted. She then shook her head and said, "I don't understand what the fascination is with boobs anyway.... they don't talk back," and then continued her Sunday reading.

Ever since the above mentioned incident, I've wondered what exactly IS the fascination with boobs? It's not that men don't have them because a lot of men DO have boobs. Sometimes bigger than our own. Is it a maternal fixation? Not enough breastfeeding? What exactly is it about the female breast that turns men on?

A friend suggested that men get turned on by the fact that when a female's nipples become erect, it's an indication this female is turned on. But that can't be it... because nipples are sensitive and the simple brush of fabric or a cool breeze can easily ignite such a reaction.

So... what is it, boys? What is it about boobs that turns YOU on?


  1. As a man who loves loves loves boobs, I always ask myself the same question you've asked. Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for you. I think it's just engrained in our DNA that we have to like boobs (or any curves as there are guys who prefer to ogle a woman's booty).

    I had a psychology professor in college that explained that a lot of what attracts a man to a woman is the woman's perceived ability to bear children. Subconsciously, men believe that women with big boobs (or wide hips) are likely to make better (and more fertile) mothers. Women are guilty of this, too...according to my professor, women generally (but not all the time) like men with broad shoulders for security and firm butts for thrusting (d'oh! yes, sorry, I took it there).

    Because this is all subconscious, I can't confirm any of this for you but I think there is something to it. After all, nobody tells men that they have to like boobs nor do men wake up one day and tell themselves to like just happens. Hope this helps answer your question.

    1. Love the insight. I was just having a similar conversation with my roommate about this. It's just a random topic that makes you think (after a couple of drinks, of course... lol) Thanks for the input :)


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