Ms. Vixen's Death

After a long, tiring evening working the ave... Ms. Vixen was standing by the train tracks waiting on her ride home... She'd been quietly reminiscing about the evening before with the usual sly and sneaky smirk on her masculine face.

As she wiped the sweat off of her hairless brow, she'd felt a shove.  Quite to her dismay she'd been standing so close to the tracks she fell in just when the train was coming.... The conductor, shocked at the scene, tried his best to stop the train, but it was too late....

As the train slowed over her body, tearing at her limbs.... the crowd gathered in hysterics.
It wasn't too long before the EMT workers arrived with a stretcher.

Ever so carefully, they managed to hold her body together, still in one piece, placing it on the stretcher but unfortunately, the body was very slippery as it oozed blood... and as they pulled the stretcher away from the tracks, Ms. Vixen fell right back in... Sadly, the conductor was advised to go as the coast was clear and the train ran over Ms. Vixen again.  That poor conductor would never sleep through the night again.

Ms. Vixen managed to stay conscious during this horrific event due to the agonizing pain coming from what was left of her right arm and left leg nearly detached from her body.

She was finally secured onto the stretcher, and the EMT workers started to carry her up the stairs.  One of them, lost his grip and BAM! they dropped the stretcher.  To go along with her current injuries, she now had a concussion and her one good leg suffered a knee sprain.

Please let me just die already.... she thought to herself.  She could barely even moan with the shock of the pain taking over her senses.

They finally reached the ambulance with Ms. Vixen in tow, strapped her in tight and headed for the hospital...
But on the way... there was an accident... A faulty stop light caused a bad crash... and there went the ambulance, a tow truck embedded in its side.  Ms. Vixen's stretcher tilted over sideways... She hung by her remaining arm feeling the IV tugging painfully to her skin... and could only wait for the replacement to come along and pick her up.

Two hours later, the replacement arrived.  They managed to pull Ms. Vixen out one of the side windows, scraping away at her sides and threw her into the second ambulance.  By this time Ms. Vixen had lost a lot of blood and her vitals were fading...  The doctors were already waiting for her outside.  She arrived such a mess of blood and feces, but there was no time to clean her up before surgery. 

She was rushed into the operating room and the surgeons went to work immediately. 
But just when she thought this couldn't get any worse... Ms. Vixen realized she wasn't given enough anesthesia during surgery and was subject to hearing and feeling every single cut and slice... Yet, she was given enough anesthesia that she could not move, open her eyes or speak.  Finally, Ms. Vixen passed out from the shock.

The doctors, oblivious to Ms. Vixen's dilemma, finished their work with success, sewed Ms. Vixen up and went on to their next surgery.  That evening a sloppy and drunk nurse had come to clean her up... What she didn't notice was that the anesthesia that Ms. Vixen lacked had been leaking in the room.  With her Ipod blasting away, singing along to her favorite tunes, this crazy nurse lit up a cigarette and right then Ms. Vixen opened her eyes just as the room exploded in magnificent hues! BOOM!

Bits of Ms. Vixen that just been attached found place on the walls, the floor and the ceiling.  She'd seen her death play out panel by panel, scene by scene... What an end to a short, meaningless life!


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  1. maybe i'm weird but i loved your story!! lolol Heather sent me here!!


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