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Superficial Men and the Women That Date Them

I believe there comes a point in your life where you start to open your eyes to what you truly want from a partner.  Unfortunately, there are still many of us that are looking for only superficial qualities.  In this case, the "us" I'm referring to are the superficial heterosexual males.... I hate to say this guys, but really, you can't be so picky when YOU are a fat, balding, 32 year old man with a lame ass job with nothing to call your very own.  If we, heterosexual females, can settle for a loser like you, then you shouldn't expect us to look perfect 100% of the time in every single area AND be completely sane. I mean, you can go ahead and have your cake AND eat it... but you don't get to spit it out because we have one hair out of place today and tomorrow a broken nail and maybe the day after we're having an all around bad day in which we just want your presence and we're pissed because you're out playing video games with your like-wise bal

The Boss's Guide to Being the Ultimate Douche

If you're an adult in your mid-20's and up, you've probably had more jobs than you can count. I know I have a few under my belt. And no matter where you go, it's almost always the same thing. The boss is a douche. The question becomes... where do these people with the power trips learn the art of being a douche bag? Is there a school somewhere that they secretly go to when they get that promotion to "supervisor"; "director"; "team leader"; or when they start their very own business and become "the owner"? Here are a few rules I really believe must be in their douche bag guide: 1. Yell at your employees loud enough for the whole floor to hear you.   If you're employee has made an error such as a typo or their math was a digit or two off, make sure everyone knows it. It's the only way they'll learn never ever to do it again. Yell as loudly as possible. If the next floor up or down hears you, then you know