Superficial Men and the Women That Date Them

I believe there comes a point in your life where you start to open your eyes to what you truly want from a partner.  Unfortunately, there are still many of us that are looking for only superficial qualities.  In this case, the "us" I'm referring to are the superficial heterosexual males....

I hate to say this guys, but really, you can't be so picky when YOU are a fat, balding, 32 year old man with a lame ass job with nothing to call your very own.  If we, heterosexual females, can settle for a loser like you, then you shouldn't expect us to look perfect 100% of the time in every single area AND be completely sane.

I mean, you can go ahead and have your cake AND eat it... but you don't get to spit it out because we have one hair out of place today and tomorrow a broken nail and maybe the day after we're having an all around bad day in which we just want your presence and we're pissed because you're out playing video games with your like-wise balding, fat and, perhaps even dirty, friends instead of picking up the phone to hear us bitch for a good 30 minutes or more.  It really won't kill you!

If there is no limit to how disgusting, pathetic and selfish you are, then why should we be limited in our imperfections?

What does it say about you, as a poor excuse for a man, when you'll only consider wifing up a woman who looks like and aspires to be a model but works as a cashier?  Especially, when a beautiful woman with an actual career in business management, social work, law, etc. etc. is just as eager to snatch you up with your pot belly and dumbo ears?

On the other hand... ladies.. what the hell are YOU thinking? Are you really so dense to lower your standards to date a sorry creature that has no job, looks like he's dressed to go to the gym daily but has obviously never even stepped foot in one since elementary school, and thinks it's still cool to drink straight out of the carton?  I mean, really? What about this guy makes him worthy of YOUR time?  He burps on schedule, thinks it's cute to flirt with women right in front of you... has probably shared his "member" with every single one of his so-called platonic female friends and has no problem with the fact that his rent is 3 weeks late for the 100th time.  Is this where YOU are at with your life that you've settled with this loser?  Please ladies, re-examine yourselves and pick a better path.

And fellas, it's around that time that you start to take a good look in the mirror with fluorescent lighting! Get real! Go take a walk, get some exercise and get a better job. Life's too short to live in your fantasy la-la land where the women run around filled with silicone, botox and collagen... I'm just saying.


  1. love ur rants/blogs but soooooooooo damn glad that i dont have to worry about 95% of what you say! lol <3

    1. Thanks... at times I'm inspired by past events.. but sometimes the point of my blog is to also be grateful for what you currently have! So be grateful, woman! lol :)

  2. i said i was happy! geeeeeeeeeeeeze! lol gimme a break!


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