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The Art of Marking Territories

We all know about marking territories.  Alpha male canines do it all the time when they try to pee on every single tree along their path.  Even the females partake in this art form. But how about humans?  Do we pee on our territories?  Do we pee on other humans to make sure our scent sticks?  It wasn't until a couple of months ago when my good friend and co-worker, brought it to my attention that that's EXACTLY what we humans do when we try to make our presence known to our "opponents" so to speak.  Let me elaborate....  Back in November, I went to a friend's birthday party and ran into someone from the past.  Because this person was unsure of my status and saw me with my co-workers who weren't with their significant others, they made it a point to basically sit next to me and throw their arm over my shoulders, as if to say, "You're MINE!" The truth is that I was in a relationship with someone and this individual didn't have a c