The Art of Marking Territories

We all know about marking territories.  Alpha male canines do it all the time when they try to pee on every single tree along their path.  Even the females partake in this art form.

But how about humans?  Do we pee on our territories?  Do we pee on other humans to make sure our scent sticks? 

It wasn't until a couple of months ago when my good friend and co-worker, brought it to my attention that that's EXACTLY what we humans do when we try to make our presence known to our "opponents" so to speak. 

Let me elaborate.... 
Back in November, I went to a friend's birthday party and ran into someone from the past.  Because this person was unsure of my status and saw me with my co-workers who weren't with their significant others, they made it a point to basically sit next to me and throw their arm over my shoulders, as if to say, "You're MINE!" The truth is that I was in a relationship with someone and this individual didn't have a chance in hell, however, because this was unknown to him, he decided to throw his arm over my shoulders and act as if HE was the man of the hour.  He found out in a matter of seconds that this girl (me) was going home to the one and only man of the hour, month and actually last couple of years and that sure as hell wasn't him. And that arm was removed rather quickly.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the art of pissing all over what you consider yours.  It's sort of like when someone asks you for a piece of candy and you lick it before handing it over so they won't try eating it.  It's a rare occasion when the other party will take the candy regardless of the licking.  Fortunately, we can't go around licking each other in public (or peeing on each other) because that just wouldn't fly. 

So what does this mean exactly?  
The reality of it all is that it doesn't mean a damn thing.  If you haven't already verbally established a relationship with this person, then they are NOT yours.  And more than likely, they never will be if you're pissing all over them in front of everyone without having the "what are we" conversation.  

And when are you overstepping your boundaries?  
How about that instance in which you are dating someone casually and the moment you feel they are starting to lose interest, you start leaving your mark all over their Facebook pages by posting on their walls, and pictures.  EVEN when that person is LIVING with their significant others.  That is not only ballsy but inappropriate and in the long run won't get you a trip to any other place but NO WHERE.  Don't play yourself peeps.  If this person had any real interest in you in the first place, they would've never put you in such a predicament.  The only thing you've succeeded in doing is making yourself look like a fool in front of many, many other parties.  And when that person you've been trying to leave your mark on has finally left their significant other, I can reassure you, it won't be for you but for someone who was smart enough to leave it well enough alone. 

So once again, I find myself sending the message out there to my fellow peers... don't lower your standards at the risk of looking like a fool.  If the person wants to be yours, they'll make sure they are before you whip out your stick to aim and piss... get my drift? 


  1. Oh I have seen this art in person...always looks like a train wreck...because you’re right! What is the use of peeing when what’s yours is yours regardless... (That’s to say that a person is a possession?)

    And also I think that people are attracted to drama so those who pee on others who already have ongoing relationships or starting one, are the ones that want to rock the boat because other people’s misery makes them happy.

    And if I lick a candy and someone takes it regardless… they are a keeper! lol

    1. Agreed, agreed and AGREED!
      Thanks for the comment!!!

      Candy licker eaters are definitely keepers LOL

  2. i STILL lick things so nobody else will take it LMFAO :P

  3. Your name appear on my blog as a follower.
    After reading couple of your posts, I will follow you.


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