Attention Seekers

I've become very aware of my surroundings lately, both on and offline and I've come to notice that there are some people who are not satisfied with themselves unless they are complaining, judging or hyping up what they're doing to "drag people into haterness.." to then go back into the cycle of complaining that people are haters.

I just don't get it.

And how about those people who whine about how their lives are out of control and yet they're sitting on their fat asses playing Farmville and Yoville, when they could be using that time productively...annnnd by the way haterness is not qualified as being productive. 

I'm confused.

When did we become soooo lazy and unmotivated that the only way we choose to reach out to other humans is through social networking?  Even texting seems to be too much work.  No, instead we choose to announce things that should be kept personal to our 300+ "friends" and "followers."

You know what? You people need to get up and out of the house and try socializing with others one on one rather than hiding behind a computer screen making kissy faces at a webcam.  Not whining about shit people just simply don't care about!

MAKE moves! Do something with your lives. Because while everyone else is looking down at you from the top, you'll still be collecting that measly little gov't check, eating Doritos and picking your toes living up to being the loser that YOU and ONLY YOU have put so much effort into becoming...

I'm just saying.... ;)


  1. tell us how you REALLY feel! awesome post! oooops....should i text that to you instead? :P <3

  2. TRACY!!! Thank you !!!! I have been seeing this so much and there is one person in particular ,that i'm just absolutely done with... so much freaking wining !!! Geesus Christ !!! David's friend posted something about how she was in the subway NYC today and she helped this blind man get up the steps , and he seemed so happy and content , regardless of his struggle! HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!! this is a person with a real disability , not giving up , and getting to where they need to get to WITH A SMILE TO GIVE TO THOSE WHO HE CANT EVEN SEE! your issue (s) are not that big of a deal , they really arent. inability to do something is one , lazyness , a completely different one.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment Solsire :) I couldn't agree more! Laziness is a huge epidemic in this world. It's a shame to waste a brain by turning it into mush. I mean if you can use your eyes to spend the entire day/week/month on facebook, you should be able to put them to good use by reading a book and perhaps, taking an online class to get ahead in life.

  3. sorry about the spelling errors , i mostly forget to spell check when i'm venting lol and @ Heather ... i probably should have texted her that too lmao

    1. No worries on spelling errors! lol You were venting!


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