Love IS Enough

Is love enough?

How do we know that what we're chasing with a particular person is a dream of love and not the reality of sharing the sentiment with someone we care about? 

I feel like so many people out there miss the point when it comes to showing people that we care about them.
That simply telling someone over and over again that they are loved is not enough for them to really believe it and understand it.  

When will people understand that simple gestures such as buying their significant others flowers, or that simply wishing someone a safe flight when they're about to go on a long journey over seas are both enough for their loved ones to realize they care?

The problem lies in not showing ourselves enough love.  In the moment that we believe that we're not good enough for flowers, candy and well wishes, we subject ourselves to a bowl of disappointment, heartbreak and all sorts of things we don't deserve but believe we do.

When we start treating ourselves like the precious jewels that we are, that is when we finally receive the love and gestures of love that we truly deserve.  When we finally take the time to look in the mirror and tell ourselves, that we deserve nothing but the very best; and when we start to spread a little joy and love throughout our surroundings, that is when we'll finally receive the love and joy we as humans yearn for so badly.

What we put out, we receive.  If we put out love, we will receive love.  And the more love we put out, the more we will receive.  Whether to ourselves or to others.  And once we start this cycle of love, all the things you've ever wanted out of life will follow.

So if you're willing to accept and embrace it, love is enough.


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