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Get Naked and Be You

The other day, I was watching an episode of one my favorite shows in which one of the main characters is a clothing designer who is trying to start up a romance with a bartender.  She puts on this huge facade, shows him all of the fancy and expensive things she owns and all of the things she's able to do.  When the bartender finally got tired of the charade, he stopped her and says, "I could care less about your condo in NY, your clothing line or your new store.  I want to know the real you.  What's under the clothes, Brooke?"

So I find myself asking you all the same question.   At the end of the day when you get home from work/school/other daily routines, and you shed your clothes, what's left? What do you see?  Are you as you portray yourself to be on a day to day basis or are you an entirely different character?

Does your personality change daily? Do you become someone different when you wear different outfits?  Can you really say you are ALWAYS you regardles…

What Inspires You?

About a month ago, I returned from the most beautiful trip I've ever made.  The countries were gorgeous and the sites were surreal.  I've always wanted to move to the that part of the world but after the trip, I decided this was finally going to become a reality.

Well, having established this, I put a concrete plan into action.  Sometimes, we have to make sacrifices in life in order to get to where we need to get.  Guess what? I've made all the sacrifices necessary.  Now it's a matter of just doing.  And the less people know about what I'm doing or what I have planned the better. Announcing things I want to do is not the same as just putting those plans into action.

I find that grabbing inspiration from the happier aspects of life is more rewarding then being motivated by what angers or upsets you in some way.  It would be a shame if people in this world only let the debbie-downers and haters of the world motivate them.  Where is the satisfaction in that if that vo…