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Commitment-Phobe: When Sh*t Gets Real

I've come to the conclusion that the term "commitment-phobe" applies to more than one scenario. We all know the "commitment-phobe" that doesn't want to be in a relationship.  They shy away and practically run away screaming at the thought of being tied down to someone.  As if that's the worst thing that could ever happen to them. However, a "commitment-phobe" can simply be a person who doesn't want to commit to anything at all - - as the phrase should automatically suggest.  Not just relationships but also promises they make but don't keep... things they say they'll do but will never follow through on... I feel like this happens when they realize things are just about to get real.   Maybe they've been leading someone on in a way to really make that person believe they care and just when they're about to give in, the "commitment-phobe" ends up running back to the past... to the "familiar"... becaus

Text Tango 2: Text WARS

I feel it is necessary to add a second part.... sort of like a sequel if you will... to the Text Tango entry I wrote about two weeks ago. A Text War can evolve from many different situations. One instance in which a Text War occurs is when you've just completed a round of a Text Tango. Here, you are pissed off that someone made you wait for some stupid ass answer filled with nonsense or nothing at all. Sometimes, the answer may not even relate to whatever the original conversation was about but you're still pissed off about the other party's inconsideration and decide to start an argument. The argument starts with, "So I just wanted to let you know, you suck at life." The other party responds, "???" because they're too inconsiderate to actually take two seconds to use their already established lazy ass fingers to at least write out a "WTF"...and you decide to point this out not so nicely. Now they actually answer something significa

Sleepover Etiquette

What do you do when you've slept over a companion's home?   What are the rules of one night stands and consistent trysts?  What is the proper "sleepover etiquette"? Do you bring a toothbrush?  Do you bring a change of clothes? What looks desperate and what seems natural? These are the things that fly through our minds after the fact.  Before, we just act.  There's never too much thinking involved.  But once it's all said and done, what do you do?  Do you get dressed? Or do you wait? It seems like this is really a lose lose situation.  If you lay around waiting to get dressed, you may get booted out of bed.... Literally. If you jump out of bed and get dressed, you get a confused and at times slightly hurt look from the other person that pretty much says.. "W T F?!"  And then automatically, it's assumed you don't want anything further from the other party. If you actually sleep over until the following day... do you pull out your to

The Misconception of Affection

Why do people assume that women want or need to be cuddled after sex? I feel like it's usually men who secretly want to cuddle and somehow they pawn it off on us women.  I, personally, am not huge on cuddling unless I'm cold and need some warming up.  And when I go to sleep, I prefer to stay on my side of the bed while the other person sleeps on the other side.  Not touching.  I don't like it when a leg is thrown over mine because it makes me feel trapped and I get hot at night so it's not exactly a turn on to wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, with a heavy arm wrapped around me and someone literally breathing down my neck Cuddling, to me, is like foreplay.  Something that should take place before sex.  Not after.  It's not that I'm entirely against non-sexual, physical affection, (I LOVE hugs), but just don't assume that after the deed is done, we all want to cuddle.  A good portion of us want the same things men want after sex.  To

The Text Tango

Have you ever danced the Text Tango? You know the one where you're waiting for someone to reply to a message you sent them but end up never receiving a response? Or you receive the response at the least expected time when you've basically thrown up your hands in surrender? How do you dance the text tango?  It's quite simple really... Well, it's also quite complicated. The texting tango starts when you've sent a simple text..... like a "hey you" and the other party immediately responds, "hey" right back leading you to think they're not that busy because they responded so quickly... Then you're all, "how are you" or better yet, "what are you up to?"... and the other party doesn't respond as quickly taking about 5 minutes and finally responding with a "Oh I'm...blah blah blah..." Then you go into this basic conversation that suddenly turns deep and interesting.... Maybe at this point you'r

Let Go or Hold On?

The other night I made the best home made mojitos in the world and popped in a classic... Sex and the City: The Movie... Alcohol really does inspire the most interesting and thought provoking does a good old fashioned chick flick... During this awe inspiring theatrical performance, we learn our favorite main character ever, Carrie Bradshaw has waited 10 long years for the love of her life to pop the question.  That definitely simmered in my brain for a bit and started a storm of thoughts regarding how anyone could wait 10 years for anyone to pop any question.  Isn't 10 years too friggin' long? How much do you really have to love someone to be nonchalant about waiting 10 friggin' years for a proposal? Or are you just not interested in getting married?  I mean... that's okay... but 10 years??? This made me think about my own "romantic" history (or "unromantic" history if you will).  I can honestly say that I've been head ov