Commitment-Phobe: When Sh*t Gets Real

I've come to the conclusion that the term "commitment-phobe" applies to more than one scenario.

We all know the "commitment-phobe" that doesn't want to be in a relationship.  They shy away and practically run away screaming at the thought of being tied down to someone.  As if that's the worst thing that could ever happen to them.

However, a "commitment-phobe" can simply be a person who doesn't want to commit to anything at all - - as the phrase should automatically suggest.  Not just relationships but also promises they make but don't keep... things they say they'll do but will never follow through on...

I feel like this happens when they realize things are just about to get real.  

Maybe they've been leading someone on in a way to really make that person believe they care and just when they're about to give in, the "commitment-phobe" ends up running back to the past... to the "familiar"... because they're just too much of a coward to face the fact that someone else may genuinely want them or care for them....

Maybe they're about to take on a new career or move to another state... and live out their dreams but instead of actually making the moves they need to make to actually turn these dreams into reality, they procrastinate and finally decide it's too late... so they're now stuck in some situation they call reality when they can so easily change that... And it is nonsense because as long as you're alive it's never too late to live out your dreams.

What's really sad is that this person may not even realize what they're doing is plain old wrong and they can't see what the consequences of their actions or inactions may lead to.

They are in so deep when they're whispering sweet nothings at a distance or fantasizing but not moving....that they may truly believe what they're saying but when it comes time to act they resort to "self sabotage" by running away or going back to the familiar... not seeing the damage they've caused.... mostly to themselves.

Rather than take the blame, for their own faults, they jump right back into the cycle of seeking out that one person that boosts their ego the most... or back to daydreaming about what could be by continuously wasting their time and maybe ultimately someone else's... until one final day... they realize that the individual they sought after time and time again... or that opportunity that always seemed to be there... just no longer is...

What does that person who can't commit to any damn thing do then?


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