Text Tango 2: Text WARS

I feel it is necessary to add a second part.... sort of like a sequel if you will... to the Text Tango entry I wrote about two weeks ago.

A Text War can evolve from many different situations.

One instance in which a Text War occurs is when you've just completed a round of a Text Tango.
Here, you are pissed off that someone made you wait for some stupid ass answer filled with nonsense or nothing at all. Sometimes, the answer may not even relate to whatever the original conversation was about but you're still pissed off about the other party's inconsideration and decide to start an argument.
The argument starts with, "So I just wanted to let you know, you suck at life."
The other party responds, "???" because they're too inconsiderate to actually take two seconds to use their already established lazy ass fingers to at least write out a "WTF"...and you decide to point this out not so nicely.
Now they actually answer something significant like, "WTF is your problem?"
But this only results in getting you angrier and now you start to bitch about the last 3 Text Tangos you've just participated in rather than just the last one.

Another instance in which a Text War can occur, is as I mentioned, when you've just danced a round of Text Tango and the other party simply never answered.  Now you are furious because you're thinking, "Am I not important enough for you to answer?"  Or if they do answer, it's days later, maybe even a week later.  And at this point you start sending them text after text of furious borderline crazy texts....

Yet another instance in which a Text War can stem from is a misunderstood text.  A text that can be taken out of context.  Maybe some word was misspelled... or a comma is missing... Or maybe the way you worded something may have just sounded harsher than it was actually meant.

Finally, my favorite Text War, stems from that moment in which you've given up dancing the Text Tango.  You've sat around waiting long enough for a reply to something that may have once been significant.  You finally feel nothing and could care less... a week.. maybe 2 weeks go by.  You're feeling calm.... You are enjoying your day... and BAM!!!! You get a text from that person who NEVER answered you.  And they write some bullshit like, "I miss you," Orrrr.... "No love from you or anything from you :("
And it's like a truck just hit you.  You WANT to be the one to respond, "WTFFFFFFF?!?!?!" 
But instead, you end up responding, "I sent you the last text."  And THAT person says, "I knew you were going to say that..."  And you think to yourself but don't say, If you knew I was going to say that, why didn't you just anticipate it....JERKOFF!!!  Instead, you say something bland, because at this very moment you could care less... and THEY respond, "Awww sweetie...blah blah blah..."  And that motherfucker softens you up... and rather than feeling nothing, you remember the feeling they ignited in you in the first place, rather than remember the Text Tango you just had with them.  And like a fool, you're pulled in again... The next day comes... and... once again you've been pulled into another round of Text Tango.  A vicious cycle really.  This time, you say, "WTF gives, dude?!?!?"  And that person does NOT respond.  At all.

You delete their number and tell everyone this person has a 3rd nipple somewhere unseemly.  Now THAT is a worthy Text War.


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