The Text Tango

Have you ever danced the Text Tango?

You know the one where you're waiting for someone to reply to a message you sent them but end up never receiving a response? Or you receive the response at the least expected time when you've basically thrown up your hands in surrender?

How do you dance the text tango?  It's quite simple really... Well, it's also quite complicated.

The texting tango starts when you've sent a simple text..... like a "hey you" and the other party immediately responds, "hey" right back leading you to think they're not that busy because they responded so quickly...

Then you're all, "how are you" or better yet, "what are you up to?"... and the other party doesn't respond as quickly taking about 5 minutes and finally responding with a "Oh I'm...blah blah blah..."

Then you go into this basic conversation that suddenly turns deep and interesting....
Maybe at this point you're revealing some feelings that have been oppressed for quite some time... Yes, through text.. OR maybe you're trying to get a response about whether this other party wants to do something later...

Suddenly, you ask a question that absolutely requires a response... such as "So are we going to meet up later..." orrrrr "I'm sorry about the other night..."  etc etc... And here it is you're waiting for the other party to respond but they don't.

You initially think, maybe so and so is taking a shower.... orrr... maybe they're driving... or even maybe they're just plain old taking a dump.... and now an hour passes and here it is you decide, you know what, I'm just going to put my phone down and walk away for a little while... But you really don't because here it is you walk away but every 5 minutes you walk back to your phone to check and see if you received a response...

Then you decide, You know what.. screw that mo-fo... I'm gonna turn off my phone... that'll show them... but you only turn it off for an hour at most and when you turn it on and see you have some sort of alert, it's simply some sale that's going on at your favorite store and you're tempted to throw your phone against the wall....  You almost do but then realize your contract is almost up and it's just not worth it.

Then you start to doubt yourself, and you think... maybe my phone's just not working right... I mean it's been acting up lately anyway.. cell phones suck... and you put too much faith in the other party thinking, they would never leave me hanging after a conversation like that... then you start playing with the settings, just in case there's something wrong with your phone... but still nooo text.  

Now, you're just plain old pissed off.

Finally, you've thrown in the towel.  You've given up and decided the other person is not going to respond and you're all... fuck that mo-fo... I didn't need a response from his/her sorry ass anyway... and you decide to go about your business... Now you can relax (or simmer in annoyance - you choose) but the thing is you end up forgetting.

All of a sudden, your head hits the pillow, you're ready to pass out after a long, exhausting dance and *text alert*  It's the response you've been waiting for all day.  And what really makes it irritating...? The person simply responds something like this.....  "k."  

O_o  Noooow your sleep is totally disturbed as you try not to have a brain aneurysm.... 

That my friends, is the Text Tango. 


  1. Haha you read my mind! I was just thinkin about that last night!

    1. This happens to me way too often LOL :) Thanks for the comment!


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