Self Sabotage

Self Sabotage is what we do when things are going well for us and we look for a way to fuck it up because it's what we are used to.  It's a cycle we've created ourselves when being happy is simply too scary so we choose the familiarity of not feeling much of anything at all.

For instance, someone we care about is really trying hard to show us they care just as much in return and we jump to conclusions, look for reasons to fight with them, or - in some cases - we hold back our feelings while they are pouring their hearts out; meanwhile, risking the opportunity to be happy with them and make things work.

Self sabotage can also be related to our work, our dreams, our aspirations for the better... for the beyond... for whatever.  We have no obstacles and yet we make obstacles in order to make things more difficult for ourselves rather than just go for what we want.

We whine, we complain, we bitch about anything and everything but we take no action.
We focus on the inane, the unimportant, the "haters" who waste ALL of their time focusing on us and we do nothing.  We sit back and do nothing.  Self sabotage.

I encourage every one of you to look at yourselves, look at your surroundings and embrace all of the good things that come to you regardless of the risk you are taking in getting hurt or losing anything because in the end you only have more to gain from life.

Money, jobs, worthless friends, come and go... but you know what lasts forever?  
Love, joy and memories.  
Live your life.
Don't waste your time trying to sabotage your own life by allowing any negativity puncture any hole in the world that you've created for yourself - whatever that world may be.


  1. I can definitely identify with this. I find myself doing this often with friends I've made when they get too close. Like I know (or think) they won't like me if they REALLY get to know me... so I scare them off before they can get that far, if that makes sense.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yes, it totally makes sense and this completely applies to all areas of life. I have done this with some friends as well. But don't second guess yourself because at times a silent alarm sounds off in our intuition that warns us of these "friends" and sometimes it's better to just stay away.


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