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The Crazy Bitch

Nearly a month ago, I wrote an entry called "The Cool Chick"... It was basically a summary of the struggle we women endure trying to stay cool when our potential mates or partners are acting shady... Here is the link for your reference:  Today, I decided to write a companion to that insightful post due to some recent developments. So I was talking to a close friend today, and I was telling them that my patience has nearly run out on a certain situation.  I said, this is basically it.  It either will happen or it won't. I have basically done everything I can not only to maintain my cool in an already heated situation but I've exhausted my patience. My friend tells me that they would've flipped their shit already. I said that while my emotions are telling me to tell someone to go fuck off, I have come to the logical conclusion that you can't possibly get upset with someone who is only p

Delusionally Confident

Last week I was having a conversation with my good friend/foster brother - we will call him... Mr. C.P. - over Facebook.  It was a rare occasion, however, work has been almost excruciatingly slow lately. We were going back and forth about the evils of social networking.   Sometime in the conversation (which became one of the funniest conversations I've ever had with someone via social networking   about social networking), he stated that one of his biggest pet peeves regarding these websites is those people who are "delusionally confident." He immediately went ahead to show me what he meant.   All of a sudden, I'm clicking on this link of some hot mess of a woman who has at least 200 photos in which she's making a duck face.  At first, I thought, maybe her face is always like this .  But as I clicked through I noticed there were at least 2-3 pictures in which she's actually smiling like most normal people do.  And perhaps, she wouldn't look

The Familiar

"The familiar has failed us," Omar stated. Yes ma'am.  It certainly has. "The Familiar" is a safety net.  One in which we run back to time and time again when shit gets real. You embark on something brand new, and when you realize that it's just plain old scary to go ahead and try this new thing, you run right on back to what you already know. What you don't realize is that this situation that you continue to run back to has fucked you over - up the ass sideways and with no vaseline at all.... perhaps, with a giant fist. Look at where you are.  You are scrounging around for cash, sleeping on the floor and you are there because "The Familiar" helped put you there.  Why? because now it's easier to go right back.  I mean, why would you stay there and start from scratch when you can crawl back into bed with "The Familiar?"  You have been there already many, many times and no matter how many times you tell yourself, "It&

The Evolution of Names

Have you ever noticed how we change people's names according to how we feel about them? We start off referring to them formally by their actual name (or so we hope... I still have family members who refuse to learn how to pronounce MY name correctly)... As we become comfortable with them we may just address them as "you"... as in "Hey you!" If they remain platonic, we address them as "bro" or maybe "dude" ..."homie" (whether male or female cuz these days it's all relative). If they remain platonic but become good friends, we may every once in a while refer to them as "hon," or sweetie. If you become romantically/sexually interested in them, all of a sudden, it's "baby," "babe.." And if they piss you off but you're still involved with them or interested in them, they may get downgraded to "bro.." just because they don't necessarily deserve anything more at the time. M


Bang! Bang!! is a term my close friend "Omar" uses every time I shoot a guy down.  I'm not sure where she penned that from, however, it's quite clever and I encourage her to write a companion blog to go into it in further detail. *Hint hint* It goes something like this... I have one of my world famous "epiphanies" about how someone's no good for me because of something grand OR minute, and quickly she exclaims: Bang! Bang!! It's usually a very specific person I've been talking about for several months now...however, we've been able to apply it to others as late. This first happened one day after I explained that this person I'm interested in would rather spend money on partying all weekend when they could be doing something better with their money (like paying bills).... which by the way, in the end is none of my business, but then don't come to me complaining about how goddamn broke you are.  Priorities people!  "Bang!

The Cool Chick

Ever trying being the cool, laid back chick that doesn't really care what the person you are....let's just say "dating" to avoid specifics... is doing?  You're so cool that you're internally agonizing but on the outside you're holding your composure and smiling mysteriously as if you have NO cares in the world. You play Text Tango with them and try doing your best to avoid Text Wars... and here it is, you're dying inside because you're like... where the fuck are you and what the fuck are you doing?!?!?! Well let me just say that being the "cool chick" is far more work than just being the neurotic one.  Because no matter how you look at it, you're still neurotic... you're just hiding it... and isn't that what psychopaths do?  So why bother? While this person you are "dating" can hit you up randomly knowing full well that you're busy... I don't know maybe hosting a party....  and make you swoon over a tex