Bang! Bang!! is a term my close friend "Omar" uses every time I shoot a guy down.  I'm not sure where she penned that from, however, it's quite clever and I encourage her to write a companion blog to go into it in further detail. *Hint hint*

It goes something like this...

I have one of my world famous "epiphanies" about how someone's no good for me because of something grand OR minute, and quickly she exclaims: Bang! Bang!!

It's usually a very specific person I've been talking about for several months now...however, we've been able to apply it to others as late.

This first happened one day after I explained that this person I'm interested in would rather spend money on partying all weekend when they could be doing something better with their money (like paying bills).... which by the way, in the end is none of my business, but then don't come to me complaining about how goddamn broke you are.  Priorities people! 

"Bang! Bang!!" she exclaims.  After giving her a puzzled look she says, "The poor guy is down, is having a hard time according to you with everything that's going on and you haven't even given him a chance to get one foot on the ground before shooting him dead..."

Ooops... O_o

This morning after my rant over how someone (mentioned earlier) is trying to take me for a fool and I'm tired of the nonsense, she says, "Well, there's always that guy that gave you his number at the mall...."

My response..."Ohhh that guy... First of all, his name is _____.....  I need another one of those like I need a thorn in my ass.  Second, he works at the Queens Center Mall Sprint Store.....," I didn't even finish that rant before she shakes her head, laughs, points her finger and says "Bang! Bang!!"  After having a good laugh, I completed my statement by saying, "My point with him working at the Sprint Store is if he wants to talk to me, he also has MY number..."
"True," she says.

Of course, she was right to say I was easy to shoot that one down.  Let's be real.  I don't feel like wasting any time. I'm sorry, but I'm just not willing to work that hard anymore.  If you're interested, you will approach me directly.  Not by subtly including your number on my Sprint bill.  What ever happened to asking someone out for coffee? I don't understand.

While I realize at times I'm being inflexible, I think it's easier to shoot someone down and save myself any stress or pain.  Maybe that's also illogical being that I can't always save myself the pain.  But as long as I have control over my thoughts and feelings, I'm going to do my best to preserve them.

And in that case....

Bang! Bang!!


  1. Lay it out, girl! Sometimes you just have to be that real... who am I kidding you have to be that real all the time!!!!!!!!!
    Bang! Bang!

  2. No need to make any apologies! You gotta sort through the applications carefully and if they don't make the cut..... Oh well ! You're under qualified for this Job! BANG BANG!

    1. You got that right!! I wasn't being picky enough before. Now it's time to be real and hold nothing back lol. Thanks for the comment!!


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