Delusionally Confident

Last week I was having a conversation with my good friend/foster brother - we will call him... Mr. C.P. - over Facebook.  It was a rare occasion, however, work has been almost excruciatingly slow lately.

We were going back and forth about the evils of social networking.  

Sometime in the conversation (which became one of the funniest conversations I've ever had with someone via social networking  about social networking), he stated that one of his biggest pet peeves regarding these websites is those people who are "delusionally confident."

He immediately went ahead to show me what he meant.  
All of a sudden, I'm clicking on this link of some hot mess of a woman who has at least 200 photos in which she's making a duck face.  At first, I thought, maybe her face is always like this.  But as I clicked through I noticed there were at least 2-3 pictures in which she's actually smiling like most normal people do.  And perhaps, she wouldn't look so bad if she knew how to pose.  It was quite the sight.  

I went ahead and shared a profile I saw of someone who is also "delusionally confident."  
An older woman who looks like a crack head (even though someone I know claims she has some sort of incurable disease - however, being a crack head is sometimes considered an incurable disease - so that's debatable).  This woman has all sorts of public pics in which she's posing with her flabby ass hanging way out.  And never mind the fact that she's publicized the fact that she's overtly sexual and has had a couple of hundred notches under her belt. All kinds of wrong.  I'd LOVE to post pics of her profile, but see how a law suit could ensue... 

Anyway, I started looking through my pics and started to get concerned over the fact that people think that I'm "delusionally confident."  While I have several pics that are questionable, none are overly confident when they shouldn't be.  If anything, some are more of a joke then anything else. I see my flaws on a daily basis and try to do my best not to showcase them. 

Which brings me to this conclusion... Who in the world tells these people they look good?  Who encourages these people to pose in these manners? Who told you that the dollar store tiara that was too small for your big ass head looked good? Or that the multicolored skirt that you seemed to have borrowed from your 5 year old cousin was cute?  Or that puckering up your face was camera sexy?

A "like" doesn't necessarily always mean people actually enjoy looking at your pics.  They may be "liking" your pics because you look like a hot mess and they think it's hilarious.  

If you look like a train wreck on a daily basis, what people think you look like on a social networking site won't matter.  

Just sayin'. 


  1. Oh snap! I got a few of those! Should we put together a collage, just for when we're bored ? Lol


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