The Cool Chick

Ever trying being the cool, laid back chick that doesn't really care what the person you are....let's just say "dating" to avoid specifics... is doing?  You're so cool that you're internally agonizing but on the outside you're holding your composure and smiling mysteriously as if you have NO cares in the world.

You play Text Tango with them and try doing your best to avoid Text Wars... and here it is, you're dying inside because you're like... where the fuck are you and what the fuck are you doing?!?!?!

Well let me just say that being the "cool chick" is far more work than just being the neurotic one.  Because no matter how you look at it, you're still neurotic... you're just hiding it... and isn't that what psychopaths do?  So why bother?

While this person you are "dating" can hit you up randomly knowing full well that you're busy... I don't know maybe hosting a party....  and make you swoon over a text that says something like.....
"I go through my day feeling like I'm in a rut and then I realize that I haven't spoken to you all day.... Now I feel complete..." (really you should probably know better)... here it is, this same person can't answer YOUR random text of... "Hey hope you're having an amazing weekend..." when supposedly they do nothing during their weekends b/c they don't have the means... Whatever.

And might I mention that this same dude who never answered your text, has the audacity to hit you up on Monday night with a "No love from you, I haven't heard from  you all weekend..." text....

Really fucker? I've been trying to be "cool" by not hitting you up more than that one silly text I sent to you which you failed to respond to and now you're accusing me of not reaching out?

But of course, you can't say this.   So instead you say... "Oh you know, I figured it's the weekend and you'd be busy sooo I left it alone...."

Or there's the other scenario in which you're out with said person and they sit down with you in segments but run off to be a social butterfly so many times throughout the outing that you can basically say you barely saw them?

You don't fight or bring it up because you're the "cool chick" and you are wayyyyy too confident to give a fuck because you were too busy yourself stirring your drink and making eyes at the bus boy... right?  But in reality, you're sitting there thinking... where the fuck did this dude go?

Give me a break.
It's far worse being the cool chick.
Be your goddamn self and if homeboy doesn't like it then it was never meant to be.

Why? Because being the "cool chick" in the long run doesn't do anything but get YOU into trouble and put YOU in the doghouse.
While you were being soooo cool, homie over there was doing his dirt and leading you to think that he had no other thoughts in his mind except for thoughts of you.... or that he was merely just a social butterfly and in reality he was collecting other numbers and maybe some other "presents" along the way.

Rather than be the "cool chick" be YOU and DO you because life is too short waiting around for Mr. Douchebag to grow up.  The end.


  1. i <3 your posts!! you will eventually find the right guy that you can be the "cool chick" with cuz he will respect you and love you enough to tell you where he is going and what he's doing without being asked...and even knowing that you have no intention of going still asks you to join :)

    1. Thank you :) I appreciate the words! Boys are just plain old stupid. This was just a little something that came about in a conversation (as usual) lol. Thanks again.


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