The Crazy Bitch

Nearly a month ago, I wrote an entry called "The Cool Chick"...
It was basically a summary of the struggle we women endure trying to stay cool when our potential mates or partners are acting shady...
Here is the link for your reference:

 Today, I decided to write a companion to that insightful post due to some recent developments.

So I was talking to a close friend today, and I was telling them that my patience has nearly run out on a certain situation.  I said, this is basically it.  It either will happen or it won't.
I have basically done everything I can not only to maintain my cool in an already heated situation but I've exhausted my patience.

My friend tells me that they would've flipped their shit already.
I said that while my emotions are telling me to tell someone to go fuck off, I have come to the logical conclusion that you can't possibly get upset with someone who is only potentially a prospect.  Therefore, I don't have a right to be that girl.
And by that girl, I'm referring to the infamous "crazy bitch."

We ALL know who the "crazy bitch" is.
She is the one that flips out on you without giving you any straight up/direct reason because you should already know what the fuck you did wrong.
She is the one that's calling you several times because she needs to get her point across after you went and cut her off by hanging up on her or dismissing her in some way.
She is the one that down right INSISTS you listen to what the fuck she has to say whether you want to or not.
The one that has perhaps contemplated buying you a pet rabbit just for the sake of pulling a Fatal Attraction type scene on you just to freak you the fuck out.

Now, fellas, you're laughing and saying, Yeah! I know her! I know her!!
But let me just point out that she didn't get there by herself.

With the exception of one or two "crazy bitches" I may personally have come across in my day (you know who you neurotic nutcases are- yeah YOU), most "crazy bitches" have been pushed to the ultimate extreme.  They have been taunted, toyed with, fucked over in unimaginable ways and are basically at their wits end when they come across a semi decent potential mate and end up taking it out on the wrong guy or girl.

However, let's take it to another level and let's be real.  How many of you out there have NEVER fucked some chick over just for the sake of it? for your own amusement? or maybe even because you, yourself, have also been fucked over by a previous jaded "crazy bitch" and so decide to take it out on someone who may be a harmless and sweet young woman?

Have you ever heard of the phrase "karma is a bitch."
More than likely, you probably deserve to have a "crazy bitch" boil your rabbit.
Take a minute and be honest with yourself if you're not going to be honest with anyone else.

How many times have you lead someone on?
How many times have you made empty promises you never intended to keep?
How many times have you told someone they were the only one while you were getting it on with someone else?
How many times have you strung someone along so far that they've dropped pretty much everything to be with you only for you to go do whatever the fuck it is you do? 
And how many times have you been nearly caught doing your dirt but covered up in such an elaborate lie that even you started to believe it yourself?

Please, don't play yourself, because you know exactly what the fuck you're doing to these people.
They have been upright, open and honest with you about where they stand and how they feel because after all, you're adults, right? And here it is, as an adult, you've made a conscious decision to continue to play games.

What exactly do you think that does to someone who has sincerely devoted time and energy on you, while you were off sharing your time and energy with those who were probably undeserving and could give a rat's ass about you?

Do you even think that maybe this sweet chick, who by the way, may have been or probably currently IS the ultimate "cool chick" deserves any of this treatment?

What did you really expect they would do when they found out everything you did to them?

So before you go around telling your boys or your girlfriends, what a "crazy bitch" this last chick turned out to be, you should really take into account what made them that way... and most importantly if YOU were the one who made them that way.
If you weren't the one who made them that way, don't change who you are for the sake of screwing someone else over because you were hurt in the past.  You may just create another "crazy bitch"... who truly doesn't deserve to be hurt or jaded.  Break the cycle and be an ADULT.

And by the way...
Don't be so surprised if you find yourself meeting up with a dude or a chick in the future who tells you what an amazing partner they've had for the last several months/years and it turns out to be that "crazy bitch" you ultimately created.

Just keep in mind... karma is the crazier bitch.


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