The Evolution of Names

Have you ever noticed how we change people's names according to how we feel about them?

We start off referring to them formally by their actual name (or so we hope... I still have family members who refuse to learn how to pronounce MY name correctly)...

As we become comfortable with them we may just address them as "you"... as in "Hey you!"
If they remain platonic, we address them as "bro" or maybe "dude" ..."homie" (whether male or female cuz these days it's all relative).
If they remain platonic but become good friends, we may every once in a while refer to them as "hon," or sweetie.

If you become romantically/sexually interested in them, all of a sudden, it's "baby," "babe.."
And if they piss you off but you're still involved with them or interested in them, they may get downgraded to "bro.." just because they don't necessarily deserve anything more at the time.

Maybe if you're talking to someone else about that person, you may refer to them as "this dude," "this chick," or "that dude/chick," "homeboy over here..." etc.

If you're talking to or seeing more than one person, you have to give them new names altogether because you can't have them know who you're talking about at all... so now this person becomes "the bouncer," "the bartender"... or maybe you just refer to them as "the other one" if they're not as important as "this one."

If they've finally become your partner, now they're "wifey", "hubby," "my love," etc etc etc.

And when your love has become discord... they become "douchebag," "shithead," "that bitch," etc etc.

Isn't it funny how one moment that person you were calling "my love" has somehow evolved into "that asshole?" and then just as quickly become "my honey"?


  1. Actually, I find it useful to keep the names on the side so that you can pull them out as the situation arises! I believe that there are parts of us that are "lovely" and other times “shithead" is in order. But my favorite one is “bro” because it usually means that I care for you enough not call you a name but I’m also almost to the point of cursing you out, keep testing me!

    1. Yes, yes. I used "bro" under that same context today! Thanks for sharing! lmao


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