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Music For the Soul

Have you ever heard that one song that reminds you of that one person you can never get out of your skin?
Or a place you've been to? Or an experience you've had?

The person can be "newer" so to speak... Or someone from the past...
It can be a song that wasn't even around when you spent time with that individual.
And that person can be anyone... a past love, a current love, a sibling, an old friend... even an old teacher.
The place can be anywhere and the time can be 20 years ago or 2 days ago...
The result is the same..  You are taken somewhere else entirely and experiencing something surreal.

Every time I hear Shai's "If I Ever Fall In Love..." I think of being 12 and swearing I knew exactly what love was and how it felt to be immersed in it... Little did I know I had noooo idea about anything even remotely related to that feeling...

Or "Heal the World" by the King of Pop and my 6th grade graduation...and how many times we had to practi…

Don't Rush! Take Your Time

"There's time enough but none to spare...."

When I want something, I usually want it right away.
My patience is very limited.
If I'm given dates, and things haven't taken place by those dates, I will make things happen or I will give up and move on to the next thing.
I must get what I want when I want it.
Even if it means jumping through hoops surrounded by fires and deadly spikes.

In the past two weeks, I've had one of my friends tell me to stop trying to rush things and take my time.
I guess I was finally getting on her nerves with my anxiety and depression because I needed things to just happen... NOW.
As an outsider, she saw what I was doing to myself and could probably see what the outcome would've been if I continued on this self destructive path.
And just this weekend I had another friend tell me it was better that things are taken slow....

When two people who don't know one another give me the same advice - more or less - I tend to take th…

Socially Unacceptable

About two months ago, I had a reunion with an old friend.
We caught up a bit and got around to discussing why we stopped talking in the first place.
It was a semi-drunken conversation but one I happen to remember clearly.  Obviously, there were certain aspects of the conversation that I still think about. 
During this "enlightening" conversation, we somehow got around to talking about why he made certain decisions that have greatly impacted his life... 

He threw me off with his answer...
"At the time, I was trying to follow social standards and I chose what was socially acceptable..."
I'm sure there was more but that's pretty much the gist of it... 
That was my face after I started thinking about it..... What makes something or someone "socially acceptable"?  And in the end..... who pays your bills? Your friends?  
If your social connections are the reason that you've made the decisions you've made throughout your life, what …


What goes around, comes around....

Today, I am here to reassure everyone out there that everything that's ever been done to you will eventually go right back to the person who wronged you. And better yet! It will be worse!
I promise you!!!!

And while you sit around getting yourself upset about how you haven't seen it yet... I'm sorry guys! We don't always get the joy of seeing it but I also promise that you will get the joy of finding out at the very least.

When someone hurts, angers or deceives you in some way and they're aware of it and what they've done wrong - meaning, they intended what they did to you... it comes right back to them and it hurts them worse than it hurt you when it came around your way.

It's a vicious but very necessary cycle.

You sit around thinking, they will NEVER get theirs... and you start to doubt that karma doesn't exist because how can such a cruel and spiteful person be soooo happy?
And this picture is drawn for you and t…

Secret Agent Man

Are you currently dating or thinking about dating someone who constantly makes up excuses as to why they can't...____fill in the blank____?

Do they constantly tell you things like... "There's so much going on right now but eventually, I'll tell you all about it," or "One day you'll see the big picture but I have so much planned..." or "I'm on a mission, so things will work out...just wait"

Well, I'm here to tell you...
It's all bullshit.
Every bit of it.

The person telling you this is someone who has absolutely no idea what he/she's doing or where's he/she's going.
This person has nothing planned because they are in a bad place and are just all around indecisive.
They tell you one thing and in the meantime, they may be telling person B, person C and person D all different plans and ideas in their head you've never even heard of before.

Ladies, stop yourselves.
Don't pass GO.
These are red flags.
Warnings tha…

All Grown Up

"Reaching maturity is not something you do with age but with experience."

I realized today that it doesn't matter how old you are, you can be immensely immature at any age.  
Okay, I didn't just realize this today.  It wasn't some type of epiphany.  I've known this for awhile.
However, it really just punched me in the face today, so to speak.

It doesn't matter how old a person is or how many times they've done something, if they don't learn anything from their mistakes, they'll never grow.  They'll never prosper and things will never ever change.
Not for them and not for anyone else involved.

I see people I love and care about sitting in these piles of shit, maggots and all, and not doing a damn thing about it until someone extends a hand to help lift them.  And once the person who's extended their hand walks away for one second, the one who needed the help in the first place plops right back down.  This time they're not only sitting in …