All Grown Up

"Reaching maturity is not something you do with age but with experience."

I realized today that it doesn't matter how old you are, you can be immensely immature at any age.  
Okay, I didn't just realize this today.  It wasn't some type of epiphany.  I've known this for awhile.
However, it really just punched me in the face today, so to speak.

It doesn't matter how old a person is or how many times they've done something, if they don't learn anything from their mistakes, they'll never grow.  They'll never prosper and things will never ever change.
Not for them and not for anyone else involved.

I see people I love and care about sitting in these piles of shit, maggots and all, and not doing a damn thing about it until someone extends a hand to help lift them.  And once the person who's extended their hand walks away for one second, the one who needed the help in the first place plops right back down.  This time they're not only sitting in the shit, but now they're also covered in it. 

 And I just don't understand.
What needs to happen to people in order for them to say to themselves, "I'm tired of repeating the same mistakes," "I'm tired of being miserable," etc etc.  and finally doing something about it?

Not just talking about making the moves they need to make in order to grow and prosper, but to actually make those moves and stop whining about how hard it is?
Who in the world said life was meant to be easy?
And don't you realize how much harder you are making things yourselves when you continuously repeat the same actions?

When will people realize that no one in this world owes them a goddamn thing?
That they owe it to themselves to live life to the best of their ability.

And this is where reality decided to throw me that punch right smack in the face that I mentioned earlier.

These people will never be grown.  
These people will never mature.
They will always be who they are.
They will never ever change. 
Their personal pity parties will never ever end.
They will continue to put on fronts about how when they have certain things, life will be better, but once they have those things they just continue to complain about how their lives suck.
Their personalities are set in stone and they are unwilling to move forward. 
Being who they are is the only thing they'll ever know and there's no hope for them.
And in the end, they will never get to opportunity to say they've learned anything. 

Because in the end, all they've learned is how to further manipulate others.
And all they'll have is themselves.  Because people get tired.
Nothing lasts forever.  
And the ability others have to sympathize for you or empathize with you, will eventually turn into resentment. 

Make a choice.
Are you ready to grow up? 
Are you ready to mature and learn?
Or do you want to be that person stuck in the past? unhappy? for the rest of your short life?


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