Don't Rush! Take Your Time

"There's time enough but none to spare...."

When I want something, I usually want it right away.
My patience is very limited.
If I'm given dates, and things haven't taken place by those dates, I will make things happen or I will give up and move on to the next thing.
I must get what I want when I want it.
Even if it means jumping through hoops surrounded by fires and deadly spikes.

In the past two weeks, I've had one of my friends tell me to stop trying to rush things and take my time.
I guess I was finally getting on her nerves with my anxiety and depression because I needed things to just happen... NOW.
As an outsider, she saw what I was doing to myself and could probably see what the outcome would've been if I continued on this self destructive path.
And just this weekend I had another friend tell me it was better that things are taken slow....

When two people who don't know one another give me the same advice - more or less - I tend to take this as a sign that I should actually listen.

My whole life I've tried to rush everything.  My mentality has been "make this or that happen NOW..." ... everything has been "NOW" "NOW" "NOW"!!!!

It's taken me a couple of months of solemness, solitude and even some anger for me to finally let these things start to sink in. I'm not there yet though.  I'm definitely a work in progress.

It's also taken two people I care a lot about to tell me that I need to "just stop" and take it in and to somehow quiet that little annoying whisper somewhere in my mind that says... "Now!!!"

Why in the world was I trying to rush things?
Haven't I already learned from my past mistakes that rushing things has only made life more difficult?
Because when things are rushed, I only find myself struggling to clean up all the messes I've left behind.... plus, all the new ones I've created by speeding through life.

I'm finally processing the internal fog and I've decided that I currently have enough time in this world to let certain situations in my life..... just..... be.

After all, I can't control everything, right?


  1. i have always been very much the same way. now when i stop and think i usually think of "pick ur battles". some things can wait.......while others cannot and you need to figure out the difference to keep the peace in ur life :)

    1. You're right. Also, some things are worth waiting for. Thanks for the comment (and for being a loyal reader :) )


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