What goes around, comes around....

Today, I am here to reassure everyone out there that everything that's ever been done to you will eventually go right back to the person who wronged you. And better yet! It will be worse!
I promise you!!!!

And while you sit around getting yourself upset about how you haven't seen it yet... I'm sorry guys! We don't always get the joy of seeing it but I also promise that you will get the joy of finding out at the very least.

When someone hurts, angers or deceives you in some way and they're aware of it and what they've done wrong - meaning, they intended what they did to you... it comes right back to them and it hurts them worse than it hurt you when it came around your way.

It's a vicious but very necessary cycle.

You sit around thinking, they will NEVER get theirs... and you start to doubt that karma doesn't exist because how can such a cruel and spiteful person be soooo happy?
And this picture is drawn for you and the rest of the public... They have this awesome house with a pool, an adorable puppy - just like the one they gave away w/o consulting you even though you paid for the puppy AND it was legally yours, they're going on trips with their mates, and now they're engaged to "the love of their life" and you are like W T F!?!?!?  How is any of this even fair?

You yell, scream, vent about it... then you forget about it.
Because really, in the end, you can't do a damn thing about it and all you really need to do is continue doing what you've been doing...
Living, Laughing, Breathing...
Back to being the best YOU you can be.
After all, we're all just human.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, you get some blatant indication from a valid source that this person you thought was SOOOOO happy... isn't happy at all!!!!
They are merely painting a portrait for everyone to see.
They are trying really, really hard to convince everyone including themselves that they are living the life they've dreamed, when deep inside they are miserable.
And all these trips, and materialistic (or breathing) possessions are really just a cover up for what's really going on...

And you, my friend, are feeling fabulous.
Not because you're miserable and they are too.
Because you're not miserable at all.
You had a couple of bad days and you took your frustrations out on those who've wronged you.
It's not right, it's not wrong, it was just an error in judgment.
And you quickly recovered and "moved on..."
You are currently where you want to be in life, as that's where you've chosen to be.
Believe it or not.
And so you work with that... you work on that... and everything else? Well, who cares?

This undeserving person, however, will never ever be where they want to be... which is simply: happy. 
And until they've come to terms and taken responsibility for their actions... and actually choose to learn from them, they will continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over and over again...
And every time they will discover that instead of things working out for the better, they turn out worse... 

And that my friends, is KARMA. 



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