Secret Agent Man

Are you currently dating or thinking about dating someone who constantly makes up excuses as to why they can't...____fill in the blank____?

Do they constantly tell you things like... "There's so much going on right now but eventually, I'll tell you all about it," or "One day you'll see the big picture but I have so much planned..." or "I'm on a mission, so things will work out...just wait"

Well, I'm here to tell you...
It's all bullshit.
Every bit of it.

The person telling you this is someone who has absolutely no idea what he/she's doing or where's he/she's going.
This person has nothing planned because they are in a bad place and are just all around indecisive.
They tell you one thing and in the meantime, they may be telling person B, person C and person D all different plans and ideas in their head you've never even heard of before.

Ladies, stop yourselves.
Don't pass GO.
These are red flags.
Warnings that this thing is never going to go anywhere.
If you don't actually see a plan of action going on before your very own eyes, then there is NO plan of action.
You are being played and believe it or not this person, may not even realize they are playing you because they are so caught up in themselves and all of their various ideas that they just think they are working on themselves, growing up, maturing, what have you when in reality they're just digging a deeper hole for themselves.

Take it from me.
I have experienced this 007 in the past and it didn't work out very well.
And I very nearly experienced it again with someone else.
Give the person a time limit mentally.  Don't tell them what it is.
Then sit back and watch.

Leave your options open at all times and don't lose yourself in the process.
If you've mentally set a time limit, what you do or say after that, is at your own risk and at least you can say, you gave it your all whether or not it was deserved.
Don't stop being you because in the end this "Secret Agent Man" was just getting an ego boost at your expense and at his disposal.
Know that you were always in control of what was going on and stick to your guns.

You'll know when it's time to move on... but at all times, try to keep your common sense intact next time he/she says, "I can't tell you what's going on but you'll see!"
You probably won't see. And that's okay because maybe you weren't meant to see, hear or feel anything for this person. They are probably "just not that into you" and not worth your time anyway.


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