Insecure Women and the Men That Date Them

How weak does your partner have to be before you decide you need to step into an already tense situation and fight a war for them?
If a man has already squashed a problem, then there should never be any reason for his partner to get involved.  It's handled.  There's no need to further inflate the problem, right?  Or do you find him incapable?

Or is it merely your own insecurity that induces this need?

How secure does your relationship need to be in order for you to allow yourself to relax while your partner handles their own problems?

What causes a someone to investigate their partner's social network page to see if there's anything suspicious about their behavior?

If he's done his dirt in the past, well, guess what, honey! It's likely he'll do it again and that's just something you have to either tolerate or move away from.  Those are really the only logical choices you have.

If they've never done anything to betray your trust in the past, what exactly is it that makes you think he'll do it this time?
His youth? Your old age? His looks?
I have news for you.
If he's going to betray your trust, he's going to do it regardless of who you are, how old you are, and what you look like.  That's just something you have no control over.
A man or a woman that cheats, is going to do it despite anything and everything.
You just can't control someone else's behavior.
And you can't go accusing every woman of wanting your man... He's probably not even attractive to 50% of the population (i.e. with his unusually small hands or the sloppy way he gets when he drinks, for instance).
Isolating him from all the friends he's made, male or female, will only backfire later on.

And gentleman, how do you handle this?
What exactly does it say about you that you're willing to put up with a woman's insecurity?
Are you in control somewhere along the line?
If she's an older woman, are you feeling like you have the upper hand because she can't get anything younger than you?
Is she your sugar momma?
Or do you get off on the incessant drama?

Or you just know how much she loves you and is willing to give up for you in order to please you so you just let her act up?

At the end of the day, what does this say about you and your relationship with this person?
It's definitely not as secure as you try to make it out to be to the public.
And you probably shouldn't go around telling your friends how your partner acts up constantly because you end up looking like a fool.

This is yet another instance in which you should be re-evaluating your relationship, don't you think?


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