“I cannot conceive of a greater loss than the loss of one's self-respect.” ~ Gandhi

Respect -1-a : to consider worthy of high regard : esteem
                   b : to refrain from interfering with <please respect their privacy>
                2-   : to have reference to : concern
Today, one of my favorite friends referenced the word "respect" when I vented to her in a billion texts regarding a "small" incident that occurred.....  Her response was and I quote, "....they need to fucking respect...you know..."  Yeah... it was simple but deep lol.
Respect, to me, is such an important part of any relationship with anyone...friend, lover...even foe.  If it weren't a deal breaker than the great diva, Aretha Franklin, wouldn't have sang a hit song about it.  It's right up there in the top 5 requirements in a "potential" partner for me along with, "excellent personal hygiene," "honesty," "loyalty," and "intelligence".... ALL pretty much equally important...
Anyway, this incident that occurred doesn't really matter, but started to make me think.....
How much respect do we owe those we are "dating"..."seeing casually"... etc. etc...? Our friends? Our family? Even our ex's?

If you consider this person (or those aforementioned) worthy of high regard, don't you think there are certain situations that should be kept under some form of control?

Let's just say you are seriously considering embarking on a serious relationship with someone... do you think it's a good idea to allow "platonic" friends to post such messages as "I miss you" or "I can't wait to see you" on your PUBLIC social networking profile??  If there is truly nothing going on between you and this particular platonic friend, and you have something pending with someone else... don't you think that that person should be shot down or put in their place in some way?  Especially if you still have some unfinished business going on with an ex who may also see this PUBLIC post....

I mean, let's face it... Social networking is a necessary evil these days and unfortunately, we have to set boundaries there as well as in our real every day lives.  Especially when your circle of "friends" consist of ex's, potentials and back ups.... How much "concern" do you have for someone's feelings when you allow others to do as they wish publicly?

Is that a lack of respect towards your potential partner or should you expect that person just brush it off as if it's nothing?

Does your potential have a right to question such motives as they are obvious?
I guess my real question is when do you draw the line? When is it okay for you to tell someone that they've disrespected you in some way or allowed someone else to disrespect you? or that they've indirectly disrespected someone you may genuinely care about?
On this battleground of "Labels and Love".... where do we draw lines... boundaries... and how do each of us truly define respect?



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