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I have a new addiction - Catfish: The TV Show.
It is absolutely terrible.  I start watching and from the moment I turn it on, I'm cringing until the moment the episode ends.
It raises so many questions and judgments. (At least I'm admitting to it)
I don't judge people who meet over websites designed specifically for dating (i.e. eharmony,, etc.) because there's usually some sort of screening process people have to engage in and they eventually are expected to meet.  Also, I know many people who have married people they've met through dating networks.  The entire purpose of dating sites are to find the person you're "destined" to be with.
However, I have to question the judgment of those who fall in love over social networks without ever meeting one another or doing a thorough background check on that person.  The world is just way too crazy and dangerous to just let yourself go that way.

It makes me wonder, how many of you out there have ev…