I have a new addiction - Catfish: The TV Show.
It is absolutely terrible.  I start watching and from the moment I turn it on, I'm cringing until the moment the episode ends.
It raises so many questions and judgments. (At least I'm admitting to it)
I don't judge people who meet over websites designed specifically for dating (i.e. eharmony,, etc.) because there's usually some sort of screening process people have to engage in and they eventually are expected to meet.  Also, I know many people who have married people they've met through dating networks.  The entire purpose of dating sites are to find the person you're "destined" to be with.
However, I have to question the judgment of those who fall in love over social networks without ever meeting one another or doing a thorough background check on that person.  The world is just way too crazy and dangerous to just let yourself go that way.

It makes me wonder, how many of you out there have ever accepted a friend request on your private social profile from someone simply because you find them attractive?  You go through all this trouble to set your privacy settings and here it is, you accepted someone and you don't even know if they are who they say they are!

Maybe my real question is how desperate do you truly have to be to accept (or request) someone just b/c you think they're hot?

You have no ties to the person, don't know who the hell they may or may not have a friend or two in common, but their profile picture is cute, so you accept/request them based on their looks.

What if that person is not who they say they are?
The pictures are fake, the description is fake, everything about the persona they've created is totally fake... What then?

A bit thirsty, perhaps? I've come to notice a lot of females are quick to accept males based on how they look on their default picture, and a lot of males are quick to request a female based on how they look in their default picture.  No questions, comments or concerns.  Entirely based on looks.

Nevermind the fact that you may just be a middle aged woman with children, and pics of your family all over your social networking profile and here it is you're letting a perfect stranger into your life.  What does that say about you?  Have you once thought about how you may be putting yourself and family members in danger?

Don't believe me? Then please feel free to check out this website

Where are your priorities?  There are safer, healthier and more reliable ways of going about meeting potential partners, such as the dating sites I referenced earlier, or social meeting sites such as and Grouper.  If you're seriously that thirsty to meet someone, give those a try.  I'm just sayin'.

Unless you'd rather humiliate yourself on tv or die trying, of course...


  1. I could never meet anyone on a social network because I watch too much Law and Order, SVU! lol but in any case I agree, being thirsty is correct! actually accepting friend request from people that they don't know in order to potentially get ass (because come on this is the reason for the acceptance of such request)is "thirsty 101". it freaks me out to know these women have children that they are raising to hopefully be productive individuals in this world and yet they can't think twice as to say "ummmmm i really don't know this person"! but when it comes down to it the older you get the dumber you act!

    1. I totally agree. And SVU fucks w/my head too. I guess S.B.'s have nothing better to do but accept friend requests from people they don't know in hopes of getting laid! Such is life... especially when you don't have one! Thanks for the comment :)


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