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Froggy Fridays: The Random Frog

On a Friday evening, as I was coming out of the gym... a young man I was communicating with decided that it was a good idea for us to meet for drinks. Now, when I say I was communicating with him... it had only been a day. He seemed harmless enough but I usually screen potentials for a week or more before I decide to move any further. Well, the way I was feeling... it was either go out for drinks or stay home and turn in circles on a Friday night. I went ahead and decided that since trying to get to know someone before going out with them, doesn't seem to work for me, why not just go out for spur of the moment drinks.  Maybe I should've known better? This dude decides to pick me up. Nice car... black tinted windows (Red flag? Nahhhh).... From his pictures, he was not all that attractive, but in person he was better looking.  Actually kind of adorable. Small frame for an italian guy.  Very young face for a 33 year old.  Very little gray hairs here and there.. whi

Don't Settle

No matter how picky or selective people continue to accuse you of being... there is NO reason to settle. Go after what you want even if it's exhausting... draining... Eventually, something has to give. Something I've learned this year (on more than one occasion) is that when you find yourself settling for something or someone beneath your standards, you end up assed out.  That person you've "settled" for eventually realizes they're not truly up for the challenge and after you've attached yourself in some form, they find a way to opt out.  Because they can't take it... because they're insecure... and simply because they know in their heart of hearts... that even though they really wanted you to be... you are not for them to have... to keep.... to enjoy... and that, maybe, they should've continued their search and allowed you to continue yours. When you've "settled" for a situation, that situation eventually starts to spiral o

Omar & Tracy's Top 10 Sexual Pet Peeves

1 - Dudes that think they can buy Magnums when they're clearly NOT their size! Man: "But they're so comfortable!" Woman *thinking*: Because it's too big for you, ass!   It's a condom, not a sweatshirt! 2 - When dudes tell us, women, how we feel; We can communicate our feelings just fine!!! Thanks! I don't recall y'all being able to read my mind!  3 - When you dudes go on and on bragging about how size doesn't matter.  That it's the girth that matters....       And here it is, YOU HAVE NEITHER! 4 - When one minute men brag about their head game... and it turns out it's only a tease since they can't even deliver!!!! Extended Sexual Orgasm by Alan and Donna Brauer... It's a book... Go pick that shit up and learn how to control yourself. 5 - Men, women need cheerleaders during sex also!  A small little huff or puff or a small squeaky, "Ok I'm done," when you climax is insufficient.


A little over two months ago, I received an email from an old flame. It led to a series of emails which I decided to stop as it was really just boring me. I knew eventually, all that would happen is that I would get annoyed with someone and take it out on the old flame and bring up things he did that would just not result in anything... but my aggravation. I ended it by telling him that I wanted to move on. That he has moved on by not only falling in love, but also getting married and posting it all over the world wide web... and if he was truly happy then he had no business writing the woman who once loved him and his children more than anything else in the entire world. I mean, was that fair to his new wife and stepchildren? Probably not. I told him it wasn't fair for me either.  That I should be able to find the same things for myself and live happily ever after. Around this time, I was ready to really just throw in the towel. I told "Omar" that I was basica

Date Night

To my single people... we all know that the universal date night is Friday night... unless your schedule is a little nuts. However, I'm referring to the average individual. Saturday nights are usually reserved for other plans with friends and family (unless you have no life) and Sundays are usually chore days. When meeting new people, we reserve Friday nights for them.  Why?  Many reasons. For most of us, it's the last day of the work week.  You get all pumped up and sometimes dressed up for work and it gives you something to look forward to later on. If the date goes well, the average person who is usually off on Saturday, will suggest the date go on for a little longer... and maybe they won't get home too early. If the date doesn't go well or you're just not sure about the other person, you have the excuse to say you're tired from such a long week and you can excuse yourself without making it look like you're an asshole.  Of course, some o

Froggy Fridays: Officer Needy

I  guess we could say he just fit my "type". He was about 6'3" in height... and huge. His arms were HUGE! and solid. Office Needy insisted we go out right away...  However, my work schedule was really getting out of hand, and I couldn't schedule anything that wasn't at least a week ahead of time.  I made it clear to him and he seemed to respect it. He had a vacation he'd already planned and told me he would reach out after he returned. Conversations with Officer Needy were normal enough.... I guess. True to his word, Officer Needy returned from his trip and we hung out the day after... He pulled up in his white 2013 - 4 door Scion Xb. A family car, I would say.... I underestimated his size.... I'm short and fun sized compared to him, so I felt very small and defenseless. I approached him expecting to get a hand shake and he goes for a hug...annnndddd attempts to kiss me (yep! on the lips... luckily I turned my head just in t

Froggy Fridays: Young Buck

Living in NYC, I get a ridiculous amount of thirsty men who feel the need to hit on me on a daily basis. I can wear pajamas with a hair net to the corner store and I can guarantee I'll get at least one dude to hiss at me. You'd think that it would end there, but nope.. it certainly doesn't! Apparently, the internet is another type of city so to speak. You get friend requests from people who happen to see your picture and think you're hot so they decide to "hiss" at you in a different way... I've gotten, "Hey sexy," "Let's be friends," etc etc. That would be fine and dandy if I were on a dating site. Well, okay, maybe not "dandy" but it would be the norm anyway. Here it is, I'm on a social networking site, staying in contact with friends and family, and some young dude is like, "..wait a minute, this chick is hot in that sexy green dress... lemme say what's up!"  And he totally sees nothing wron


I'm starting to wonder if being single is sufficient of an excuse to be an asshole. If you're single, romantically wooing individuals left and right, telling them one thing... acting in an opposite manner and then throwing the "single" card in, does that give you a pass to be a jerk off? a dick? or a psychopath? I'm single because I choose to be. I spent the Spring time dating several individuals... not making promises to any of them... being crystal clear to each of them that I was not looking for a relationship... and I wonder... did any of them view me as being a total bitch when I didn't want to commit to those looking for a relationship? I know I hurt some feelings... because if they didn't outright tell me so, they're going out of their way to tell me now with their random late night hang up calls... But I couldn't have been clearer on that first date when I said... "I'm just interested in meeting new people and ma

The Girl Code

The girl code has many rules... but the most important one is:  If your friend has been there and done that, thou shall not go there too! And I'm not talking Italy, peeps.  We're totally talking about the department of romance.  If your friend has tapped a someone, is speaking to someone, has any sort of romantic interest in someone, then you, being a friend, are expected to stay away.  Sadly, some chicks don't acknowledge this rule.  As a matter of fact, some women cross the line to the point of no return. There are very, very few exceptions to the rule.  There are some women that claim to be totally okay with it if they've never had any serious relationship with the person of interest... I don't believe that's 100% true.  But to each is own.  Of course, if you don't really consider the other person a friend, or they're just an acquaintance and could care less if they ever talk to you again, that's acceptable, I guess.  Finally, if you have

Professional Bullet Dodger

"Omar" has been telling me a lot lately that I've been dodging bullets and I should be grateful. I came home one day and told her that it's possible "The Lowest Of Them All" has recently impregnated "Baby Momma #3" who is a young girl that just recently turned 21.  While that has yet to be confirmed, looking at the larger picture, "The Lowest of Them All," is a train wreck.  He can barely spell (or speak) to save his life, he just got hired permanently at the Harley Davidson factory (a job I got him) and he still doesn't seem to have enough money to buy himself food....  But here he is, posting pictures of his "herbal medicine" publicly for the world to see on his FB page. Winning! *Dodges bullet* Or how about the young man I was enamored with over the spring, who is not only a pathological liar but seemingly a psychopath as well.  Unfortunately for him, and his followers, he is using his charm for evil..

Froggy Friday: Hairy Mess

In an attempt to be the hopeless romantic I secretly am...(shhhhh... don't tell anyone)... I re-created a profile I had on that dating site I mentioned last week in hopes of catching someone's attention that I've secretly been crushing on for quite awhile.... Instead of catching his attention, I caught the attention of over 150 dudes... 50+ of which sent me messages and out of those 50+ people only one of those caught MY attention. A 29 year old man who totally did not fit my "type".... First of all, he has long hair... Secondly... he's a Libra... I love my Libran friends... Not a fan of Libran boyfriends... And for good reason... And he's sort of slim... I like meat... whether it's muscle or chubs... I typically enjoy substance. Did I mention that he has long hair? But, in any case, he seemed smart, clever and handsome.... so why not? After all, seeking out "my type" hasn't worked out in the past, so maybe trying