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Conditional Love

Everyone wants to be loved. Everyone wants to experience passion. Everyone at some point in their lives yearns for acceptance, affection and joy.... The feeling of loving unconditionally and being loved unconditionally even if just for a second... even if it's merely an illusion... is one we all fantasize about at least once in our lives.  And it's probably one of the best feelings you can possibly experience in your lifetime. But what happens to those of us who are the only ones loving, accepting and showing affection? What happens when the person you care the most about is also the person they care the most about? How do we stop ourselves from falling in love with someone who is so self involved they can't see past themselves? The person who can disregard your feelings at the drop of a hat, but expects you to drop everything for them and put them first at all times. When do we find enough value in ourselves to disallow an individual from taking us away from our

P*ssy Ain't Free

Last night "Omar" went on a valid tangent regarding how her lady parts are not free. Her exact words were, "This p*ssy ain't free motherf*cker!!" It reminded me of something my mother once said to me in my teenage years...  "We are ALL prostitutes.  You are either selling yourself for status, love or money." Sex is not free no matter how you look at it. You have the prostitute as we know her, who is literally selling her body for money.  Then you have the gold digger who is basically doing the same thing, but calling it something else.  This is the younger woman that marries the 90 year old millionaire husband or the 21 year old man that marries the 40something year old cougar.  Hence, the sugar daddies and sugar mommas of the world. Or you have sex with someone to climb the ladder of success. Hence, the plethora of affairs between executives and their secretaries.  You're selling yourself for a title or some sort of respected position bu

The Non-Relationship

The "non-relationship" is one in which you follow some of the same rules of a real relationship (i.e. mainly monogamy, putting time aside for one another, etc.) but you're not considered in a real relationship because there are external factors that are currently interfering (i.e. distance, finances, etc.).  You can't fully give yourself to the person you're seeing at the moment the way you'd like to because you don't have your shit together basically.  So rules like spending holidays together, or going to events together are not mandatory. All of the feelings that should be in an actual relationship are there - emotionally and physically - but the reason you haven't declared the other person your partner is because either one or both of you just aren't ready. All credit goes to "Omar" for coining the phrase and the meaning behind it.  Her logic (and I totally agree with her) is that at our age, if you're going to embark on an act

Tracy's New Year Tips!

Happy 2013 everyone! I woke up this morning with a plethora of thoughts bombarding my brain (as usual)... most thoughts consisting of things I have to stop or start doing.  So I figured I'd share some of those thoughts by transforming them into words of advice for some of you... ;) Enjoy!!! 1 - Stop telling people your business.  As many "friends" as you may think you have, I'd say out of 400+ friends, only 5 are true friends. Those 5 are probably people you don't even speak to on a regular basis but  know they'll always be there for you regardless of the circumstances... The other 395+ "friends" consist of jealous backstabbers, seasonal friends, or losers that really don't go out of their way to send any well wishes your way because they're too busy hating.  So stop being so gullible and trusting and keep your good news to yourself!! 2 - If you're constantly having second, third and fourth thoughts about a person, situation,