Conditional Love

Everyone wants to be loved.
Everyone wants to experience passion.
Everyone at some point in their lives yearns for acceptance, affection and joy....

The feeling of loving unconditionally and being loved unconditionally even if just for a second... even if it's merely an illusion... is one we all fantasize about at least once in our lives.  And it's probably one of the best feelings you can possibly experience in your lifetime.

But what happens to those of us who are the only ones loving, accepting and showing affection?
What happens when the person you care the most about is also the person they care the most about?
How do we stop ourselves from falling in love with someone who is so self involved they can't see past themselves?
The person who can disregard your feelings at the drop of a hat, but expects you to drop everything for them and put them first at all times.

When do we find enough value in ourselves to disallow an individual from taking us away from ourselves?
How do we train ourselves to be just as self involved as they are?

At the end of the day, we can't.  We can't change ourselves to become the selfish, self centered creatures that they are.  We have to hold our heads up high and be the bigger and better people and realize that while we may distribute unconditional love among our family, friends, significant others and peers; we have to accept that those same people may only give us conditional love based on how they feel about themselves or us at that moment.  We can't stop being who we are because we've given too much of ourselves or our possessions.

We have to embrace the fact that we know how to love.  And we have to realize that at the end of the day... we are much better than they are for knowing how to show love.  Even if they never do.  And we have to remind ourselves that we can't change anyone or force them to feel what we feel for them.  We can only move forward and continue on our journey to someone who may finally appreciate it... even if that someone doesn't exist.

Those people will never live a full life because they've never experienced unconditional, pure love. Theirs is a love based on an ideal of how they think things should be... while ours is an unconditional love based on our acceptance of who they are regardless of the circumstances.

We hopeless, fully involved romantics are much better for being who we are and not giving in to who they are.

I promise.


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