P*ssy Ain't Free

Last night "Omar" went on a valid tangent regarding how her lady parts are not free.
Her exact words were, "This p*ssy ain't free motherf*cker!!"

It reminded me of something my mother once said to me in my teenage years... 

"We are ALL prostitutes.  You are either selling yourself for status, love or money."

Sex is not free no matter how you look at it.
You have the prostitute as we know her, who is literally selling her body for money.  Then you have the gold digger who is basically doing the same thing, but calling it something else.  This is the younger woman that marries the 90 year old millionaire husband or the 21 year old man that marries the 40something year old cougar.  Hence, the sugar daddies and sugar mommas of the world.

Or you have sex with someone to climb the ladder of success. Hence, the plethora of affairs between executives and their secretaries.  You're selling yourself for a title or some sort of respected position but at the end of the day, that position can't very well be respected if that's all you wanted out of it.  Where I come from, many women marry men just because their last name "means" something in their town.  I shit you not.

Finally, there are the naive, hopeless romantic ones who believe that they are making love, not having sex. They are selling themselves to feel something with someone.  They are not only selling their own bodies but also their souls just to feel something that may not even exist.  Depressing, isn't it? This person expects a formal relationship of some sort to be established eventually but usually sooner than later.

I'm not saying that there aren't people out there who have sex just to simply bust a nut, however, it's a rare occasion when they can walk away expecting nothing.  Very rare.  Not all of us can be Samantha Jones, you know? No matter how hard we try.  And even she had a weak spot.

But sex is never ever free.  There are always strings attached no matter what you may think going into it.
Take a moment and think about it, what do you expect to get when you give up the goods?


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