Tracy's New Year Tips!

Happy 2013 everyone!

I woke up this morning with a plethora of thoughts bombarding my brain (as usual)... most thoughts consisting of things I have to stop or start doing.  So I figured I'd share some of those thoughts by transforming them into words of advice for some of you... ;) Enjoy!!!

1 - Stop telling people your business.  As many "friends" as you may think you have, I'd say out of 400+ friends, only 5 are true friends. Those 5 are probably people you don't even speak to on a regular basis but  know they'll always be there for you regardless of the circumstances... The other 395+ "friends" consist of jealous backstabbers, seasonal friends, or losers that really don't go out of their way to send any well wishes your way because they're too busy hating.  So stop being so gullible and trusting and keep your good news to yourself!!

2 - If you're constantly having second, third and fourth thoughts about a person, situation, place, etc, then take that as a sign that that person or those things are NOT for you.  Sitting around trying to change the scenario to better suit you... or worse yet... trying to change yourself to better suit the scenarios is probably one of the worst things you can possibly do.  You should never change the core of who you are for anyone or anything.  No if's, and's, or but's.  And vice versa.  If you can't accept someone or something for who and what they are in the first place, then they were never yours.

3 - Here's sort of an extension of #2.  You can't force someone to be with you.  Don't bother even trying.  If that person leaves, let them go.  Not because they might come back, but simply because it wasn't meant to be.  It was never meant to be and it's time to move on.  Life is way too short to spend 3-10 years trying to convince someone they should be with you... or trying to convince yourself you should stick around.  There may be someone out there for you and if there isn't, then guess what? Living alone is not the worst case scenario and if it is, you have deeper issues.

4 - Stop putting things off.  No more excuses.  If there's something you're interested in doing, make it a priority.  Ask that guy out you've been checking out for all of 2012... ask that girl to marry you before you're 7 years into the relationship and she's dipping into other things...Buy that house you've always dreamed of having because someone else may just buy it tomorrow... LIVE YOUR DREAMS! Just do what you say you want to do (as long as it's not a felony) and keep it moving.  Make it your passion and make all of your wants and desires happen. There's plenty of time to spare but none to waste. (This applies to #3 as well). Get it?  Unless you'd rather be that person forever wondering, what if?

5 - Stop lying to yourself.  I don't really think this needs an explanation, but here it is. "He/She" is NOT coming back. Move on. No, that dress is not going to look good on you regardless of how many pounds you lose.  And no, your amazing hidden talent will not earn you millions just because you posted that video online... You are not the next Justin Bieber, Sean Kingston, Soulja Boy... Especially if you're guilty of #4...
And if you can barely believe your own lies, who is going to believe them for you?

6 - When you're in a bad mood or negative way, the best thing you should do is stay away from people, especially those you care about.  Not because you may take your mood out on them.  That's just a given. But because you're spreading your nasty aura around and just because you want to be a crab doesn't mean everyone else has to join in on your misery.  Try spreading happiness instead.

That's as far as I can go for today... Take heed my "friends"... Take heed... and Happy New Year!


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