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Red Flags!!!!

I saw something today that set off a "red flag" for me and I immediately remembered a conversation I had with my good friend and confidante, "Omar," last summer. We were deep into a conversation regarding the relationships we were pursuing and how we'd already seen alarming habits or routines our potential mates were exhibiting or engaging in.  She went into this interesting rant about how we lose all common sense when we like or start to fall for someone.  She said that she saw our relationships with all people as a race in which we steer off obstacles and as we run towards these potential mates, we pass these "red flags" that set off small alarms in our heads; which are clear signs we shouldn't continue because there is some sort of danger ahead.  Yet, we decide to ignore these flags and continue to pursue this path towards disaster.  As the flags get bigger and wave harder, we tend to go out of our way to ignore them until we have no choice to