Keeping It 100

I woke up today thinking about how unrealistic people are.
How ridiculous their expectations of others are....
And then I thought about the reasons for our absurd expectations.
This is what I came up with...

Basically, I don't care what anyone says, no matter how much you try to convince yourself that you expect nothing from anyone, you do.  Especially when that someone is filling your head with empty promises on a daily or nearly basis.  The moment they tell you they want "more" and they continue on with this theme, then you're going to start believing and expecting "more."

With that said....
Why can't people just keep it 100% real with one another?
What is it you fear losing by telling people the truth?
I don't mean overexposing yourself.
You don't need to tell me who you were with last night, where and what time voluntarily.
What I mean is, say what you mean and mean what you say.

If you are interested in someone for merely just sex, just say so.
If you want a relationship, say so.
The absolute worst thing that could possibly happen is that the other party in the situation says NO and you keep it moving.
At least you wouldn't be wasting your time or theirs.
You tried, and they weren't feeling it.

I know for a fact, if you lay your cards out from day one, and tell me, "I'm not ready for a relationship, I just want to hang out or whatever..." my response is going to be, "I sure as hell am not ready for a relationship either."

What makes you believe that by telling me you want to fall in love, get married, be involved in some way, that you're going to score points?  I may just be on the exact same page as you.  Or I may not want anything or anyone in my life right now.  And if what I'm seeking is some long drawn out dramatic relationship (yuck) then I'll say, "Thanks but no thanks... I want more..."

What do you have to lose or gain by just being straight up from day 1?
If you tell me you just want a sexual friendship and I agree to that, then the moment I start to catch feelings, I'll either let you know or dismiss you.
I am too old to play games or waste my time and chances are, so are you.
So if I take it upon myself to take you up on your offer of "no strings attached" then it's my own fault if I start to feel more for you or if I wanted more from the get because you kept it real.
With so many people in the world, why bother trying so hard to get something you don't really want?

I understand if perhaps, at first, you wanted more and then decided you didn't.
In that case, SAY SO!
There's just nothing wrong with being blunt.
(And blunt doesn't mean you're being a dick.  If you're accused of that, then the person you're dealing with has more issues than you do).
You will save yourself from so much drama in the end.
You'll also save yourself from all the crazy lies and stories you'll have to weave from not being real in the first place.
If you're afraid of hurting someone's feelings, TOUGH!
They will get over it and move on.  We ALL do.
Again, if they don't, then their problem is much more serious than their feelings for you.
As long as you're being true to yourself and true to them, then it's not your responsibility to worry about how they feel after the fact.

There's no need to put on a facade when you want MORE or LESS than what you put out on the table.
I promise you that you'll score more points this way... and the karma train will be good to you in the future.


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