Why Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

I've been seeing and hearing a lot of complaints from dudes stating that women, such as myself, want a "nice guy" but we treat them like shit.  I can clearly see why that seems that way, but I beg to differ.  I don't think that "nice guys" are always treated like shit.  Sure, there are some crappy women out there that just don't know how to treat other humans in general, and in the process end up hurting a "nice guy" in the process who probably didn't deserve the treatment.  Happens all the time and it works BOTH ways.

However, I've seen situations and been IN situations, in which these so called "nice guys" totally deserve the treatment they are getting.
And I'm about to tell you why...

"Nice guys" finish last because they are needy, pushy, thirsty, annoying, etc.

Here it is, you are probably a GREAT catch!!!
Don't get me wrong.
Good job, a bright future ahead, handsome, healthy, of a decent age, BUT you want to get married after the second date.
What's wrong with getting to know someone? Where did it become okay for you to introduce me to your family on the 2nd date?
Why are you singing along to a song, specifically enunciating the lyrics that say, "I love you... I need you..." etc?  You don't love me! You don't need me! You barely know me!

You're not gaining points, you are pushing me away.
Why do you think it's okay to text me several times a day, and then try to invite yourself to my plans when I clearly told you that I was busy?
I don't want you to join me and my friends.
If I wanted you to join, I would've said so right off the bat!!

Now you dudes out there reading this, are saying that I'm fucked up because ALL women complain when we can't get a man to commit.
Let me explain something.
I want you to commit to me when you and I have been dating for a year and still haven't established something.  NOT when you've taken me out twice (to friggin' UNO's and a ratchet casino, I might add) and then try to force your affection on me by holding my hand, and forcing kisses on me in public.
Respect the fact that I need space, that I don't know you and we should both still be keeping our options open.  And if you like me THAT much that you've decided to eliminate all other options, that's your prerogative.  Don't expect me to do the same right from the jump.  If you think I'm worth it, you'll give me what I need which is time to see how I feel and where this goes.  You won't have a titty attack b/c I didn't accept the engagement ring you bought me one month in.

But, of course, this is unrealistic.  Because that's not what you'll do.  You'll take it as rejection if I don't answer your 4 texts sent back to back for a couple of hours... You'll become a douchebag jerk instead of finding a balance between being a little aloof and giving us our space, and enjoying your own while still trying to romance me.

This is how relationships end badly... people get divorced... b/c they allow lust and ridiculous notions about having to be in a certain "place" in their lives at a certain time, rush them into something they are clearly not ready for.
There is plenty of time to spare, but none to waste.  If you can't enjoy the moment, you're going to get caught up in something that could potentially be ugly and dangerous.... and you'll most definitely end finishing last... i.e. broke, alone, used and abused.


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