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Love is Forever

I started writing this blog nearly a month ago when my favorite musician came over to keep me some company and told me that "Love is forever..."  He said that once you fall in love, you love the person forever, and regardless of what happens you'll take the person back... and that if they really loved you, they would return because you only fall in love once and that's just the way it's supposed to be.  Ah! such a hopeless, romantic full of light - that guy!!! When I disagreed with him, set in the fact that I've loved not one but two men in my life and that I would never take either of them back, he replied that I've never truly been in love.  The conversation sort of lingered in my mind because.. (1)- this just means that this musician will never allow himself to feel anything for anyone again b/c he's set on this idea (stubborn) ....and.... (2)- I swore up and down that I would NEVER EVER take either one of these two past loves back.. NEV

Dirty Little Secret

I've noticed lately that there are a couple of people that I know that are keeping secrets that are generally common knowledge. For instance, that individual who went away for a weekend stating that they needed to get away from the city... Yet, everyone and their mother knows, they really went away to visit someone they met on a social networking application (not a dating site) only 4 weeks before who is approximately 3000 miles away.... :-o Try again! Or how about the dude that actually leads a very public life and has to delete comments that people have ALREADY seen to save face.... Maybe you should screen your friends a little bit?  Or maybe you should stop trying to woo every woman you come in contact with... That might help... Best yet, is the man that is juggling several women at one time, with no leg to stand on.  Yet,  here he is telling the ex how amazing she is, while having his hoodrat come over on weekends to engage in all sorts of things... and telling the woma

Beating Around the Bush

My BFF and I ranted yesterday to one another regarding these situations we find ourselves in regarding dishonest, insincere men... After some thinking about everything we discussed, she came up with the following: "Fuck beating around the bush... If sex is all you want... Make that shit clear! If you want a relationship... Make that shit clear!! If you want somebody to talk to while your significant other is acting up... Make that shit clear!!! Don't take it upon yourself to use anybody!!! Make it clear in the beginning Then you won't have problems in the end!!" An ex of mine, totally missed the point stating that a person shouldn't be hurt with honesty, instead, we should move on.  In other words, they don't have to know that you don't want to be with them or that you want to be with someone else.  YES, we certainly DO need to know what's up!!! Otherwise, you've left us wondering WTF happened OR you leave us believing you might come