Dirty Little Secret

I've noticed lately that there are a couple of people that I know that are keeping secrets that are generally common knowledge.

For instance, that individual who went away for a weekend stating that they needed to get away from the city... Yet, everyone and their mother knows, they really went away to visit someone they met on a social networking application (not a dating site) only 4 weeks before who is approximately 3000 miles away....
Try again!

Or how about the dude that actually leads a very public life and has to delete comments that people have ALREADY seen to save face.... Maybe you should screen your friends a little bit?  Or maybe you should stop trying to woo every woman you come in contact with... That might help...

Best yet, is the man that is juggling several women at one time, with no leg to stand on.  Yet,  here he is telling the ex how amazing she is, while having his hoodrat come over on weekends to engage in all sorts of things... and telling the woman who is a couple of miles away how much he loves her and wants to be with her.

I admit that I, myself, have been guilty of this.
It was brought to my attention recently, that it seems that EVERYONE knows that I had a fling 2 years ago even though I, personally, went out of my way to keep that hush hush. -__- 
(I guess not everyone knows how to keep secrets)

I'm seeing a pattern and I don't like it.

If you're SINGLE, then who the hell cares what you do or who you do it with?
Especially, if you claim that you're keeping it real with everyone who might just care.

If you really want to keep your "dirty little secrets", then maybe you should try keeping them private, instead of being so obvious about what you're doing.
Social networking sites, free dating sites and apps, even with all of their privacy settings, are pretty public... just saying.

And if you go around stating that you have nothing to hide, but then you go out of your way to see someone at odd hours of the day... or you make it a point to omit information when someone asks you a question, then, CLEARLY, you need to do a better job of keeping things to yourself.

The point is -- if it's a secret, then stop publicizing everything!
Stop making everything so damn obvious to everyone and then sit around wondering, "How the hell did you know that?"
Screen your interactions with others, and if you're going to delete something that's already up, do it right away... don't wait for days to pass to come to the realization that maybe, just maybe, that shouldn't have been up in the first place. Use some common sense.

And as an insert for those that ARE the "dirty little secrets".....
If the person you're seeing, hanging out with, flirting with, has asked you not to post anything publicly, has deleted your comments, or has you on some special list...


That person has NO intention of establishing anything significant with you... 

Not a friendship, not a relationship, nothing! So do a better job of valuing yourself and move the hell on.

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