Friends with Benefits

Correct me if I'm wrong; but my understanding of the term "Friends with Benefits" is that you and the other person involved are engaging in a friendship with, perhaps,  some make out sessions or sex thrown in.

Is that assumption completely false?

According to the Urban Dictionary, "Friends with Benefits" is defined as:

Two friends who have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved. Typically, two good friends who have casual sex without a monogamous relationship or any kind of commitment.

As opposed to a "Booty Call, which is defined as:

A late night summons -- often made via telephone -- to arrange clandestine sexual liaisons on an ad hoc basis.
The key difference between calling this situation "Friends with Benefits" versus a typical "Booty Call" is to establish that those involved are in fact "friends" and do more than just have sex.

You know.... like talk and shit.

Those two people actually have conversations, maybe even hang out together in public places.  And those two people don't always have sex.  They may just chill and go their separate ways without engaging in any sexual activity..... because...again... they're FRIENDS with benefits.

So when someone doesn't really have time for a relationship due to their crazy schedule... I don't know, maybe that someone is a doctor or a musician or a social worker or something.... then they may say, "Hey let's hang out..."

and that might actually translate to:

"Let's hang out...and maybe possibly...make out in between too cuz I like you and you like me and I might want a piece of that when I see it in front of me......"

A booty call then should mean, that when you hit a person up to say, "hey let's hang out..." what you really mean is, "let's have sex..." and you proceed to make arrangements with that person.  When you meet with that person, you get straight to business and dismiss them or you're on your way with a smile and a nod and maybe some small talk about the weather....


Please, stop me if I'm getting this all sorts of wrong.

My point is, you can't possibly call someone a friend if the only time you contact them is at late hours in the night to arrange some sort of meeting or arrangement that would basically just involve a sexual hook up.  That is a BOOTY CALL!

I'm sure if you truly feel that person is your friend, then they should expect some consideration, consistency and some form of respect from you, correct?  I'm sure that giving them those things does not involve leaving the country when you've made a date with that person to "hang out".... Or waiting until they've reached your desired meet up location to run off and get a hair cut...

If you start treating this particular friend like they're nothing but a booty call, then don't be surprised when they stop answering your phone calls and texts.

Why pretend by calling them a friend?
Why assume that the other person wouldn't be just as satisfied with this arrangement being what it is, and nothing more?

When your cards are laid straight out on the table, there is no confusion, no drama because everyone involved is aware of what is going on.  The moment that they get attached or you do, you have the choice to pull away.  It's really that simple.

Why complicate something by giving it a label that truly doesn't apply?
Who says they may not want the same thing, and if they don't, trust me there are plenty more out there that do...

I mean, we all have "fans" right? ;-)

Why not just turn one of them into your own personal sex slave and move on to the next when you get tired... That's much easier than pissing someone else off with your lame game...

I'm just sayin.'


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