Sexuality's Thin Veil

My "long, lost friend," Chris, who I haven't seen since January (ahem ahem), reaches out to me the other morning because he thought he was going through some sort of mid life crisis... Mind you, he's 29.

I asked him why he felt like he was going through a crisis and he proceeded to tell me about some trysts that he's been involved in or thinking about engaging in.

My edited response was the following:

"While you may be going through a quarter life crisis, there's nothing wrong with getting in touch with yourself and your sexuality.  It's only as crazy as we allow it to be.  At the end of the day; there's a very thin line in the veil of love, friendship and sex."

Hopefully, that made him feel a little better.

The short and somewhat funny conversation got me thinking.
Had we not been raised thinking so many things in life were considered "taboo"... maybe we wouldn't be so opposed.

Maybe.... randomly making out with someone of the same sex (or the opposite sex depending on your orientation) in a bar or at a BBQ wouldn't even be thought about twice.
I mean, at the end of the day, more than likely, we may prefer to be with someone of the opposite sex OR the same sex... but when it comes down to the physical aspect, maybe we wouldn't think about it twice.

Think about it.
Sexuality is fluid.
Sometimes you  have dreams, fantasies, etc. that absolutely no one knows about.
You think about things you don't share with your partner b/c you're concerned they may run away screaming.  And usually those things are harmless... of course, there are exceptions that I should not even have to address here... but for those of you who are NOT sadistic, sociopathic sickos, I'm sure you hear where I'm coming from.

We spend way too much time thinking about what other people would say or think if we call someone of the same sex good looking, sexy, handsome, gorgeous... when we identify as heterosexual.
Who cares?!?!?!?  
Do we not have eyes and are we not allowed to admire the goods just like everyone else?  Why can't we satisfy our own curiosity by giving those people a very thorough once over? ;-) It doesn't necessarily mean I want to jump into bed with them, just as it doesn't mean I want do jump into bed with a man that is handsome, sexy, gorgeous, beautiful, etc.

If we weren't taught from birth that looking at someone of the same sex too long was "wrong" or looked down upon, would we be as confused in society?  Or how about identifying as a gay man/woman?  Should those of us who prefer the same sex be all that confused when curious about what it's like to be with the opposite sex? Just for the physical aspect? The sexual gratification? And just that once...or twice?

I have to admit, I don't wonder what it's like to be with a woman because I'm simply not attracted to women just as I'm not attracted to certain types of men. But I never say never!  However, I find so many women stunning, beautiful, sexy...  and why should that be frowned upon?  Or why should I be worried about what others think?  And so what if I happened to kiss a girl and like it?  I haven't kissed a girl AND liked it but if I had liked it, I don't think that necessarily makes me gay.

And what would my friends and family think of me if I told them, that sometimes I wonder what it would be like to walk around with a penis for a day?  As a straight male? How's that for confusing?  Well, there it is, now you all know.

The Greeks used to justify their sexual cravings by stating that their gods and goddesses were giving them a blessing by allowing them to engage in taboo activities.  The ancient Greeks did not conceive of sexual orientation as a social identifier as Western societies have done for the past century.

(See: )

My point is this.... There is a very thin line between admiring someone and actually wanting them or to be with them sexually or otherwise......
And if we just so happen to experiment, why should we care if we're being judged or looked down upon?
After all, whether we choose to admit it or not, we have all at some point have had at least a brief thought in passing that may not seem acceptable to the majority.. or experience.

The veil in the sexual world is a thin one.
Why worry about being judged or judge others when our thoughts are just as "hot" and "spicy" if not worse?


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