An Unhealthy Injury

Most of my loyal readers (who I absolutely love && appreciate) know me personally.
They know that I've spent the last couple of months working on me - my overall health and fitness - both mental and physical.

It's been a long and difficult journey and only gets harder as the days go by and I hit plateau after plateau. 

I've learned that once I hit a bump, I need to just vary what I'm doing until that doesn't work and then it's on to the next thing... and so on and so on....blah blah blah....

About two weeks ago, I told my "support" group that it was about that time that I had to switch it up and try something different.  And so I did.  I decided to change my eating habits (again) because I'm dead set on losing 17 lbs by the end of the year. 

I went ahead and started adding limes and cucumbers to my water and I started the art of juicing.  I changed what I eat in the mornings and what I eat in the evenings and in a week, I was already seeing results.

The only problem was that because I have a hell of a lot on my plate right now in regards to my personal life, I've been super distracted.  Here I am, on the phone with my mom, completely watching what I'm doing but bitching hard core about my career choice... and I decide it's a good time to take the new murderous peeler out of the drawer to start on the ginger.... For some reason, I didn't realize just how deadly this potato peeler was... and rather than peeling the ginger, as I'd originally planned, I peeled off a chunk of my left index finger. 

(This is NOT my finger but this pretty much is the same kind of injury which seems to be common... BTW - mine has not healed as nicely...)

I stared at my bleeding finger in shock as it poured out blood but it didn't really hit me just how deep the cut was until I turned my finger at an angle and there it wasn't... a chunk out of the side of my finger. 

I think I was in shock because the damn thing didn't hurt at all initially.  It just wouldn't stop bleeding.  More annoyed than anything, I wrapped it up as tight as I could to stop the bleeding, held my hand up, grabbed a cab and off to Jamaica Hospital Center I went (apparently, I wanted to die over an injured finger).  Anyone who knows that damn hospital, knows all about their terrible reputation... and boy do they live up to it. 

Last year, I called an ambulance over chest pains and a rapid heart beat and rather than handle the situation professionally, those damn people sent me the absolute WORST paramedics ever!  No bedside manner at all and all they did was continue to ask me the same questions over and over again regarding my mental stability... NOT taking into account at all that I had a noticeable scar on my chest from open heart surgery I had at the age of 4.  Hello fuckers! How about you take my chest pains seriously and rush me to the hospital? SMDH...

Unfortunately, considering the time of day (it was after 9pm on a weekday), I really had no choice but to take myself to the nearest hospital.. Waiting until the following day to get my finger looked at, was NOT an option when the risk of infection to a former cardiac patient lingered. 

After waiting nearly two hours, they finally admitted me in as a patient.  I realize that it was a minute injury as compared to others there but all I needed was for them to look at the finger, give me some pointers as to how often I should wrap it etc, a tetanus shot, a prescription for antibiotics and send me on my way.  

Can you believe that after all that waiting... they were too busy gossiping and talking shit with one another that a man with a fractured leg, left the ER?  Yeah it's just that bad.  Well, my savior, Omar, arrived pretended to be my sister (I mean, really, she sort of is anyway, so she wasn't completely lying) and used her assertiveness to rush them along.  Within an hour of her arrival, I got my damn tetanus shot and prescription and they rewrapped my finger. 

On the left side is MY wrap (yes, that's a hair tie holding it together at the end there) and on the right side is theirs... Needless to say, I HATE all hospitals, but JMCH I have a special kind of hatred for...

Sadly, they couldn't be bothered with giving me any directions so I looked those up on my own - on the internet, mind you - and did my best to save what was left of the tip of my finger.  I was lucky enough to have some assistance from Omar in making sure my finger was properly cleaned and wrapped.  She will make an awesome mom one day, I'm sure.  Who would've thought that such a small, shallow injury would be so painful that I wouldn't be able to sleep properly for three days?  And what's worse, I showed the doctor my ugly bruised up finger the following week, and he glances at it, touches it and tells me it's normal for my finger to look black on the opposite side of the injury... Can I sue anyone for malpractice if the tip of my finger falls off from neglect and misinformation?

Well, the injury has left me with a numb, bruised and slanted index finger which -  believe it or not - makes it extremely difficult to type.  A blog like this would normally take me about 15-20 minutes to type... and it took me about 90 mins.  Which is why I've been out of commission both at work and here in blog space...

The moral of this whole story?  There are several....

1- Make sure all your shots are up to date... that way you don't have to rush to the hospital over a small injury to a limb you can easily take care of at home..
2- Keep your first aide supply replenished at all times...

3- JMCH is the absolute worst hospital ever!
4- Being healthy is only a good idea when your meal preparation doesn't involve deadly kitchen utensils.  If you decide to peel any veggies or fruits... make sure someone else does it for you.
5- Never, ever, ever cut off any part of your body cuz that shit hurts like a bitch!


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