Follow the Leader

I don't see myself as much of a leader... or much of a follower.
I usually just do my own thing, whatever that is, and it usually works out for my benefit.

I've learned that being my own person and going along with whatever my mood tells me to go along with saves me tons of headaches.

Unfortunately, this concept of just "doing your own thing" is lost on certain individuals I am forced to deal with on a regular basis.

What gets me most is why certain people who are fully capable of leading their own flock would subject themselves to following those that are poor examples of human beings.  People who are not only physically bad examples but just all around train wrecks.

Ask yourself this, if the person you're following is giving you advice on some aspect of your life in which their life is a disaster, should you continue following them?  For instance, if you're listening to someone tell you how to lose weight and that person is 300+ lbs... should you really be following their misguided words and lack of wisdom and intelligence?

Or someone who's been telling you how to handle your potential mate and meanwhile they've been single and haven't gone on a date in years....

I yield to no one.
I see everyone as an equal until they do something to mess that up and then they fall down a couple of rungs and become less than I am.  You are no better than I am as long as I can do what you are doing, and more than likely.... I will do it better.

We either work as a team in whatever we're stuck doing together, or we're on our own.
I can't be bothered with false alpha personalities thinking their way is the best way and then falling short of that.  It's like buying a store brand product and being disappointed in the result.  I want the real thing or nothing at all.

My point is, that at the end of the day it's unlikely you'll find me following anyone anywhere.


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