Necessary Copulation

My friend, Sonia, shared a story with me the other day regarding a friend of hers that I'm about to share with you.
Sonia's friend, Victor, has been married for something like 20 years.
Victor apparently has diabetes.  And something about diabetes, can cause impotency in men.  I don't know much about it, and since this isn't a blog that's meant to educate, I'll let YOU do the research.
Anyway, the man couldn't get it up for his wife.
In order to please her (and himself, of course).... he went and invested in a Vacuum Penile Pump Device.

Now, he was ready to go! He was excited!! He could finally perform in the bedroom again! He and his wife could get back to having FUN!
Well, readers, he came home to find that his wife, was not as excited as he was regarding his new solution.
So she held out on giving up the goods for a good two years.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to interrupt this story to tell you that holding out on giving up the ass for TWO WHOLE YEARS for your spouse is UNTHINKABLE!!!!! I can understand maybe a month if you have a ridiculous schedule and/or your spouse did something crazy... but if your spouse has been loyal and genuine and there haven't been any major problems, then even an entire month is too long to hold out on having sex with your spouse.....

Back to the story...
Here it is, Victor went to his homeland to visit friends/family on his own... and there was a woman down there willing to give it up.
Needless to say after TWO YEARS of NO sex from his wife... Victor got it in with this other woman and apparently got her pregnant.
Mistakes happen!

Now, the wife, is making a huge fuss and telling the whole world what a scumbag her husband is.

I don't agree with cheating.
Obviously there are MANY things wrong with this scenario.

If your spouse is doing something that's irritating you enough that somehow impedes you from having sex with them.... I believe you need to either discuss the matter with your spouse in order to try and resolve it OR break up with them right then and there.

If you are on the other end of the spectrum and not receiving the goods, then YOU should either try to resolve the problem (in Victor's case - he went and got the pump) OR break up with them so you can go about your business and get some ass from another source.

What it boils down to is this.
You should never be MARRIED to someone THAT long without giving it up.
The only time this is excusable is if your marriage has some sort of arrangement that doesn't involve sex with your partner... or if some serious accident occurs, and you're just that selfless that you'd prefer to stay with the person you love and please yourself while you take care of them... Or maybe, you're just not into sex, so having your partner hold out on you is just fine by you (again an arrangement of sorts).

But no sex for two years AND your man went and got a pump to try to help the situation?

That's just my opinion.

"Females. Sexually please your man or someone else will." ~Unknown


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