Toxic Family

Do you have a family member that basically sucks the life out of you?
Whether intentionally or not?

Maybe that mother/father/sibling/cousin is forever asking you for favors... money... rides here or there....etc.
That same relative is never ever around when you need them.... past, present and future.
Or instead of helping you, they look for ways to benefit from your misfortune.

("Your baby is sick and needs an operation? Hmm... how much money can I make off of this?")

Yet, somehow, you always manage to pull all stops for them...

Or they're just really good at playing that "guilt" card.

("But I'm your mother/father/sister/brother/cousin/son/daughter.....")

They are energy-sucking, blood-related vampires that you can't get rid of because at the end of the day, you're related to them.

Maybe this toxic family member thrives on drama.

They want nothing to do with you  unless you have gossip to feed them.
Or unless you're willing to listen and contribute to the gossip they are feeding you.
And those same members never take responsibility for the fires they've started.

("Who me? I hate drama! But did you hear what she said about you? Oh you didn't? If I were you, I'd say something about it....")

Perhaps, this toxic family member is the sort of person that always attacks you with a double edged sword.
One minute they tell you, "Geez girl, what have you been eating, you're so damn fat!" 
And the next, "Oh honey, you look like you're dying! Eat a sandwich." 

Whatever the case may be... I realize it's hard to completely cut off those individuals that are related to you.
However, sometimes it's best to take a huge step back and distance yourself as much as possible.
Your relationship will not only improve but so will your self esteem and your stress will decrease.

Toxic family members are better kept far away.


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